The Baskervilles (partially found animated series; 2000)

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Status: Partially Found

The Baskervilles is a British-French-Canadian animated children's TV show about a British family living in the most twisted theme park in the world. The show was originally created by series co-director Nick Martinelli and series co-writer Alastair Swinnerton, and eventually distributed and co-financed by CINAR (now DHX Media) and designed, produced and co-financed by Alphanim. This show was aired on Teletoon in 1999 to 2001.



When a wealthy man made his fortune convincing the world that bad is good and good is bad, he got bored of his success, and wanted to have some fun with his fortune; he created a huge theme park as a slice of life look at Hell, called Underworld: the Theme Park. Disguised as the Devil and calling himself "the Boss", he sunk to new lows in deviant behaviour, but it wasn't enough; so he invited a nice family to live in Underworld, for the sole purpose of torturing them. But when his skeletal right-hand man, Kevin directed the Baskervilles his way, he may have bitten off more than he can chew.

The show is almost a mirror image of The Munsters, where instead of a family of monsters trying to live in a human suburb, it's a human family trying to fit in a demonic city, where all the rules are the opposite of what they were back home.


This show has 26 episodes. But as of now, we only have 4 episodes on YouTube, so that means 22 episodes are missing, it's not everywhere on the internet. The clip of this show can be here.

Episodes had been uploaded to YouTube: