The Exploding Hearts (found live concert footage from American pop-punk band; 2001-2003)

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Exploding Hearts Live.jpg

A screenshot from the DVD concert clip.

Status: Found

The Exploding Hearts was a punk band that currently has a small cult following and great critical appeal. The band combined power-pop melodies with raw guitar angst. Unfortunately, in 2003, a van accident claimed the lives of three of the four band members, leaving Terry Six the only surviving member of the band.

In 2006, their record label, Dirtnap Records, released a posthumous album titled Shattered. The album lovingly contained every single unreleased Exploding Hearts track, including tracks from their unfinished album and all of the alternate unused takes for their first album, Guitar Romantic. Also included was a DVD containing the only known surviving footage of one of their live performances. It was incomplete and was of poor quality as it was recorded on a cheap digital camera.

Fans that had seen the band on tour have recounted seeing various audience members videotaping their performances. A few very low-quality audio recordings have surfaced, but nothing as far as visual representation goes has been submitted. There is an unresponsive YouTuber who claims to own several hours worth of recorded footage but has yet to actually prove it. Dirtnap records have put out searches time and time again, but it seems that these audience members just cannot be reached.

On April 28, 2018, a YouTube user called "Shoegazer Productions" uploaded a video talking about how he got into contact with a person from Facebook named "Grace Sadie", who happened to be the ex-girlfriend of the lead singer of The Exploding Hearts, Adam Cox. He also goes into detail about how he found her in a fan group and how she was posting pictures of a DVD-R she had which contained live footage and other footage of the band from 2001-2003 before the van accident. It also included the same live footage from the Shattered DVD. He also states that Grace has wished to keep the DVD for sale and asked that anyone who gets their hands on a copy doesn't leak it online. Grace can be contacted on Facebook or her Gmail at She is selling copies of the DVD for $13 USD.

Video[edit | edit source]

A recording of The Exploding Hearts' second to the last concert, as included on the Shattered DVD.
Shoegazer Productions video about the newly-found Exploding Hearts footage from a DVD and how to obtain a copy of the DVD yourself.