The Filthy Frank Show (found web episodes/vlogs of YouTube series; 2011-2015)

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George "Joji" Miller, the creator of The Filthy Frank Show.

Status: Found

Date found: Unknown

Found by: Unknown

The Filthy Frank Show (or simply Filthy Frank) is a satirical, off-colour/offensive humour YouTube series started on August 5th, 2011 by George "Joji" Miller as Filthy Frank (the first video of the series is "Filthy Shit",[1] but other videos of his date back to 2008 on the same channel). Both his first channel DizastaMusic[2] and his current official channel TVFilthyFrank[3] (as well as his alternate channel TooDamnFilthy[4]) have hundreds of thousands of subscribers thanks in part to his burst in popularity after inadvertently starting the viral "Harlem Shake"[5] YouTube meme of 2013.

To this day, Miller is known to delete and/or privatize many of his videos on any of the three channels due to either personal or unknown reasons (at least one, "TASTE YOUR OWN POOP CHALLENGE"[6], was removed by YouTube themself). While his more recent deleted videos have usually resurfaced thanks to his sizable fanbase, most of his deleted videos from 2011 and 2012 are not known to be mirrored. However, since even back then, he had a decent-sized following of fans who remixed and edited his videos, it is possible that many people may still have some of the removed videos.

Removed 2011-2012 Videos Known to Have Existed[edit | edit source]

The Filthy Frank Show's IMDb page lists only the first 60 episodes from 2011 to 2012, of which most of the removed videos are included. Of these 60 videos, only 25 are still on the DizastaMusic channel, his only official channel at the time. None of these are known to be reuploaded as videos themselves, though it is possible to find clips of them in other episodes as well as fan videos, such as "Obama Calls Filthy Frank"[7] which contains footage and audio of the removed "Phone Call to Sesame Street" video. It is not known how many other videos have been removed that do not appear on the IMDb list, nor is it known when these videos were removed.

2011[edit | edit source]

# Video Title Upload Date Status
1 "Phone Call to Sesame Street" Sept 7th, 2011 Found
2 "Pigeons and Gay Pride" Sept 14th, 2011 Found
3 "What Not to Say on Your First Date" Sept 18th, 2011 Found
4 "Asian Nerd Raps" Sept 21st, 2011 Found
5 "Nerd Loves Jersey Shore?" Sept 24th, 2011 Found
6 "Giant Cockroach" Oct 9th, 2011 Found
7 "I Hate Bullies" Oct 12th, 2011 Found
8 "What Is Swag" Oct 19th, 2011 Found
9 "Asian Nerd Hates Halloween" Oct 23rd, 2011 Found
10 "People Don't Like Me" Oct 30th, 2011 Found
11 "How Not to Talk to Women" Nov 2nd, 2011 Found
12 "Hater of the Week!" Nov 6th, 2011 Found
13 "I Hate Justin Bieber" Nov 13th, 2011 Found

2012[edit | edit source]

# Video Title Upload Date Status
1 "Asians and Raisins" Jan 6th, 2012 Found
2 "Stephen Hawking Talks Dirty!" Jan 15th, 2012 Found
3 "What Not to Say in Class" Jan 25th, 2012 Found
4 "How to Get Pussy" Feb 1st, 2012 Found
5 "I Hate Spanish" Feb 8th, 2012 Found
6 "I Hate Valentine's Day" Feb 12th, 2012 Found
7 "Adele Is Fat" Feb 19th, 2012 Found
8 "Weird Shit" Feb 22nd, 2012 Found
9 "Filthy Frank vs. Birds" Mar 3rd, 2012 Found
10 "Epic Nosebleed" Mar 10th, 2012 Found
11 "I HATE KIDS" Mar 15th, 2012 Found
12 "WHAT NOT TO DO IN PUBLIC" Mar 31st, 2012 Found
13 "Eating Poisonous Mushrooms" April 21st, 2012 Found
14 "Ghetto Juggling" April 28th, 2012 Found
15 "I Hate Babies" May 2nd, 2012 Found
16 "Just Ask Filthy Frank" May 6th, 2012 Found
17 "Just Ask Filthy Frank #2" May 16th, 2012 Found
18 "Pink Guy Is Insane" May 20th, 2012 Found
19 "I Hate Animals" May 23rd, 2012 Found
20 "I Hate Homeless People" June 17th, 2012 Found
21 "Filthy Compilation" June 20th, 2012 Found
22 "I Hate Foreigners" June 29th, 2012 Found

Since both an "Ask Filthy Frank #4" and a "Filthy Compilation #3" and "#6" exist, it can be deduced that "Ask Filthy Frank #3" and "Filthy Compilation #4" and "#5" existed during this era and were removed as well, even though they are not listed on IMDb. In fact, a Source Filmmaker animation [1] exists of "Ask Filthy Frank #3 (ABORTIONS AND GINGERS)"[2]as well as a Lithuanian subtitled version of "FILTHY COMPILATION #5 - (RAPS AND PUSSY)". [3] Both of these videos' descriptions link to the originals which were made private, which may indicate that he privatized his other videos instead of removing them.

In total, 38 videos are confirmed to have been removed from or privatized by DizastaMusic from 2011-2012. The videos have been reuploaded to a channel titled "Filthy Frank Reuploads."[8]

Jojivlogs[edit | edit source]

On May 3rd, 2014, Miller created a personal vlog channel called Jojivlogs on which he would post ten vlogs over the next few months. He intended this channel to be separate from the show and the Filthy Frank character. Still, the video comments were inevitably spammed with the same catchphrases and in-jokes he was trying to avoid, leading him to remove all the vlogs.

The channel currently has no videos, but the vlogs have been reuploaded to the Internet Archive. They were for a time reuploaded to YouTube, but, as this video [4] from one of the reuploading channels explains, Miller has requested that the vlogs not be posted on YouTube but "somewhere else" as he doesn't want new fans to find them and associate them with the show, so he hopefully has no problem with the videos being on the Internet Archive.

Other removed videos[edit | edit source]

Probably his most infamous removed video is "FILTHY FRANK EXPOSES HIMSELF" uploaded to DizastaMusic on May 3, 2014, in which Miller officially reveals his out-of-character self as the creator of the show to talk about some health issues and the future of the show. Like the Jojivlogs, it appears on the Internet Archive as well as on YouTube for periods at a time before being taken down, possibly out of respect for Miller's wish to have it off the site (though, unlike Jojivlogs, it is not known if he is okay with this video being available anywhere else). As of right now, it is apparent that he wishes his Filthy Frank character to be his sole online persona to the public.

Another video similar to "FILTHY FRANK EXPOSES HIMSELF" is the video 'CHIN CHIN IS NOT PLEASED," similar to the below video. The video focused on updates by Miller himself in regard to content such as music for the character Pink Guy and his own serious music and content related to the Filthy Frank channel. The video also discussed lore to the channel about the titular character Chin Chin wanting "monthly" sacrifices and Frank chastises Miller for attempting to "fix" everything but making it worse. It's debated Miller deleted the video due to his appearance as a character within the channel. However, it is now on YouTube.[5]

Another video which Miller removed for an unknown reason is "CHIN CHIN (ちんちん)" which was revised and replaced a few days later on April 7th, 2013, with "CHIN CHIN (A SERIOUS VIDEO) HD." [6] It is significant in that it is the "Dark Lord" character Chin Chin's debut appearance. The original was reuploaded to YouTube [7] days before the replacement came out.

Another video, which was taken down by YouTube for "spam, scams, and commercially deceptive content" on February 21st, 2015, is "HIGH SCHOOL SURVIVAL GUIDE (BACK TO SCHOOL SPECIAL)" from late summer 2014. Since Miller did not remove or privatize it himself, he probably has no problem with it being reuploaded to YouTube. [8]

Similar to the "FILTHY FRANK EXPOSES HIMSELF" and "CHIN CHIN IS NOT PLEASED" videos, there was a video Miller removed called "HOW TO WIN A GIRL'S HEART," which featured Miller's character interacting with Frank and Pink Guy, who attempt to understand females and how to garner their affection. Like the aforementioned videos, it's believed Miller removed them due to his character's involvement. The video has also been uploaded to Youtube [9].

The least significant lost video which has been reuploaded is the 3 second "can sumbodi gibe de pusi b0ss". The January 28th, 2015, reupload [10] cites the TVFilthyFrank channel as the creator, but the original date and channel to which it was uploaded are unknown (the style and feel of the video are TooDamnFilthy-esque).

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