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Herb Edelman and Bob Denver as Bert Gramus and Rufus Butterworth respectively.

Status: Partially Found

The Good Guys is a slapstick-style sitcom starring Bob Denver and Herb Edelman that aired on CBS between 1968 and 1970. Seemingly originally set to be titled Two Good Guys, the show was Bob Denver's first after his work on Gilligan's Island, and was Edelman's first as both a starring and recurring character.[1] While the series started off low in the Nielsen television ratings system, it gained traction with reviews slowly and rose to the top third of television programming before the first season's end.[2]

While the series was renewed for a second season, it had to change a lot of details in order to better appeal to audiences.[3] The theme song, while maintaining its original tune, had its lyrics changed, and the taxi Bob would drive in the first season was scrapped with the two opening a better diner with shorter orders.[4] However, despite praise from critics for improving from the first season, the show fell victim to low ratings, being cancelled alongside The Leslie Uggams Show, being replaced in scheduling by The Tim Conway Show.[5][6][7]

Plot Synopsis

Bert Gramus (Herb Edelman) and his wife Claudia (Joyce Van Patten) run a diner in a small rural neighbourhood. Local taxi driver Rufus Butterworth (Bon Denver) if a lifelong friend of Bert's and consistently tries (and succeeds) to get Bert involved in money-making schemes that never seem to go according to plan such as "low calorie aspirin" and "paper socks", and while these antics don't usually work out as intended, they find themselves helping someone if not themselves.[8]

Rufus' taxi being converted to an advertising prop for the new diner in the second season.

In the second season, Rufus decides to ditch the taxi company, and the two pair up to run a new bigger and better diner aptly named "Bert and Rufe's Place" where they focus on the diner's business with smaller orders.


Multiple episodes of the series have been uploaded to YouTube, with some episodes being segmented into three videos. However, all of the episodes are from the first season, with only audio of the revised theme song being online from the second season. On top of that, the series was released both in black & white and colour, with the pilot episode only available in the former of the two.


The pilot episode for the series in black & white.
Episode 9 of Season 1 in colour.

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