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1st host Melaine and Star.

Status: Partially Found

The Goodnight Show is a TV show that plays between other shows on Sprout (now known as Universal Kids) and while Nina & Star's episodes were very popular with audiences, there were two other hosts that came before her, Melanie Martinez & Noel Macneal were the original two hosts on The Good Night Show between 2005-2006 and a series of unfortunate events had put the show on a very uncertain future at the time.


In September 2005, in a joint venture between Comcast, NBCUniversal, PBS, and HIT Entertainment/Sesame Workshop, PBS Kids Sprout was launched on Comcast and later other cable/satellite providers. The original host was Melanie until Mid-July 2006 when the network found some raunchy videos online and fired her, and for a short period of time, the second host was Leo aka Noel MacNeal who was the Intern Host from September-December 2006 and because he is a puppeteer, it is beleived that he came up with the idea for Lucy the Firefly


  • Star, a star-shaped puppet, portrayed by Stacia Newcomb, was the show's co-host. Star served as the child character of the show, asking questions about the evening's theme, commenting to the main host about the segment (such as the Good Night Game), or encouraging viewers to follow him as he performed nighttime routines such as brushing his teeth or reading a bedtime story. Star debuted shortly before the departure of the program's original host, "Melanie." And Stuck around thoughout the rest of the series.
  • Lucy The Firefly is a firefly puppet who was introduced with Noel Macneal, She was featured in games in animated form, such as "Lucy Light the Way"; in this game, viewers were shown parts of a picture (as though they were illuminated by a firefly's light) and then guessed what the picture represented, and used to introduce shows starting with Noel Macneal
  • Hush was a real-life goldfish who was originally used to introduce show segments with Melaine.

Host Episodes

# Host Name Co-Host(s) Season(s) Original Air Date Status
1 Melanie Star & Hush Season 1, Season 2 Original September 26th 2005-Mid July 2006 Partially Found
2 Leo Star, Lucy & Hush Season 2 Re-Taped September 10th-December 17th 2006 Lost

During The First Two Seasons of The Good Night Show, the first season with Melanie Martinez as host, with the exception of a handful of clips, is almost completely missing, but the second season with Noel Macneal, on the other hand, is completely missing with absolutely no footage available online but is confirmed to exist based on the one photoshoot, a random blog discussion from November 2006, and a page from the old sprout website [1]

Season 2 has two known versions, One With Melanie and Star that aired in July 2006,[2] several weeks before she got fired,[3] and another re-taped version with Noel Macneal "Leo" & Star that aired from September-December 2006.


Up Until 2016, Melaine Martinez's version of The Good Night Show was completely missing but we now have a couple of clips and 15 Minutes of an Episode "Bath And Bubble Time", While Noel Macneal's "Leo" episodes on the other hand are completely missing with no footage anywhere online

List of Known Episodes

Episode Status
Bath & Bubble Time Partially Lost
Pets Lost
Dreams Lost
Sunrise and Sunset Lost
The Dark Lost
Moon and Stars Lost
Imaginary Friends Lost
Fairies Lost
Night Noises Lost
Nocturnal Animals Lost
Babysitters Lost
Camping Lost
Growing Lost
People Who Work At Night Lost
Bedtime Routines Lost
Time & Clocks Lost
Shadows & Friendly Monsters Lost
Stories Lost




Goodnight song "Melanie version".
The Good Night Show Melanie craft segment.
The search for Noel Macneal's aka Leo's episodes of The Good Night Show.

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