The Goonies (partially found deleted scenes of adventure-comedy film; 1985)

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The film's poster.

Status: Partially Found

The Goonies is a movie about a group of adventurous kids whose hometown is being turned into a golf course. While looking around one of the attics of Mikey, the leader of The Goonies, they stumble upon an ancient treasure map, and embark on a journey to find the riches. The kids faced many dangerous tasks and puzzling booby traps. All while doing this, they are chased by the villainous family, the Fratellis. After a long journey, the treasure is found, and the Goondocks are saved. The movie had many scenes that were cut from it. Some deleted scenes have been included in the home video re-releases special features. However, lots of scenes cut from the movie were not included! Even the scenes included in the DVD releases are missing a couple of minutes from them. This may be due to the fact that Richard Donner, the director of "The Goonies," was very particular when it came to deleted scenes, and whether or not they should be released. To this day, Donner denies knowing about any of the cut scenes.

Found Deleted Scenes

• The Goonies stop at a local convenience store to get some snacks and figure out the correct spot to use the treasure map.

• Data uses his gadget, "Spy Eyes," to spy on the Fratellis. Much like his other inventions, they soon fail and get broken.

• The kids face an octopus whenever they find the ship. Data is able to fend off the creature with his portable radio.

• There is a scene that lasts only a few seconds but shows Sloth and Chunk traversing through the caves, looking for the rest of the gang.

• Troy's Mustang is stolen by two gorillas during the beginning police chase sequence. The gorillas were supposed to appear throughout the film but were soon cut from the movie. Their first scene during the police chase was supposedly filmed. (Stills of the scene are available.)

• There is an alternate ending to the movie that was filmed at the Walsh house. The whole gang regroups there to celebrate saving their home.

Lost Deleted Scenes

• There is another cut scene during the police chase where a police car crashes and falls off of the dock. Part of this scene is seen in the "Behind the Scenes Featurette."

• Throughout the movie, Brand was originally supposed to have claustrophobia. It is unknown if those segments of the movie were ever filmed. They are in the screenplay in the movie, as well as adverts for the movie on Hi-C boxes.

• There's a scene where Sloth eats an entire T-bone steak, after him and Chunk break out of their chairs.

• There is a scene where Andy gives an oath to The Goonies. This deleted scene takes place right after she states "I'm not a Goonie," in the wishing well.

• After the deleted oath scene in the wishing well, there is another deleted scene where the kids find themselves covered in leeches.

• When the kids are walking across the log, and Data uses his invention, "Slick Shoes," there is a deleted scene where Mikey and Mouth go to grab Data off the log, and all three end up slipping and falling.

• Another deleted scene is where the kids stumble upon a skeleton named "Mr. Funnybone." Stef is able to decipher the code, and Mr. Funnybone points towards the right direction for the kids to travel.

• When the Fratellis capture the children on the ship, Data attempts to use a gadget named "The Intimidator." The gadget, as expected, fails. This scene was replaced with Data getting hit in the face by his punching bag under his trench coat.

• When the kids are held hostage by the Fratellis on the ship, there is extra dialogue exchanged between them that was cut.

• Whenever Mouth and Stef are on the plank, and about to be forced to jump into the water, Stef offers to help Mouth out once they hit the water. This is why Mouth thanked Stef for offering to save his life at the end of the movie.


The deleted scenes that includes the gorilla chase and alternate ending.

The deleted scene that includes the kids fighting an octopus.

The deleted scene that has the kids at a convenience store.

The deleted scene that has Data using his "Spy Eyes" gadget.