The Hawk's Trail (lost silent serial; 1919)

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Status: Lost

The Hawk's Eye is a lost 1919 serial featuring King Baggot and Grace Darmond in the lead roles.


Sheldon Steele is a sleuth who is hired by Jean Drake to unravel a mysterious burglary. "lron" Dugan, the master crook, was after the Drake fortune and had assumed the identity of William Drake, the uncle of Jean and Claire Drake, to get it. He gave Claire a comfortable home because she was in love with his son, Bob Dugan Junior (who knows nothing of his father's plans), but when he discovers she's a threat to his plans, he sends her to a swami's home where she is to be abducted; Steele poses as the swami and foils the abduction. Eventually, Jean's freed and Dugan's captured.


King Baggot played Steele - and at least 10 other roles besides that. Grace Darmond and Rhea Mitchell played June and Claire Drake. Dugan was played by the same actor, Harry Lorraine, who portrayed Hawkeye in the original version of Last of the Mohicans (1920). Written by Nan Blair, this Universal serial was directed by Woody Van Dyke. The MacGuffin here could have been a locket containing Uncle William's photograph, a common sweetheart gift at that time.


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