The Incredibles McDonald's Happy Meal Commercial (partially found full version of ad; 2004)

The Incredibles McDonald Commercial (full version)
Status Partially Found

One of Pixar's last films to receive a McDonald's Happy Meal toy tie-in and the last one to receive an animated commercial for it was The Incredibles, like A Bug's Life through Finding Nemo prior. It contained Dash and Violet from the movie, with the former re-enacted a seemingly false account with the Happy Meal toys only for Violet to question his accuracy come in and mess with him in vengeance.

While two short variants of the ad can be found online, a full variant containing all the footage hasn't knowingly surfaced. A reconstruction made by The Collective Animation Archive gives an idea of what the full version might be like by combining the footage from both short variants.


The Collective Animation Archive's reconstruction of the lost full variant of the ad.



Anonymous user #1

17 days ago
Score 0++
Hope someone has a tape with the Full variant of this ad. I've only found a short variant of the Extremely Goofy Movie McDonald's Happy Meal Commercial.


14 days ago
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Shouldn't this be counted as partially lost since we have a complete recreation and the article never specified the english version i do understand why it is here because we lack a full english version but even then it should be counted as partially found P.S please add a picture to the article


13 days ago
Score 0++
Yea no I am changing it to partially found since that is the closest thing we have

Anonymous user #2

13 days ago
Score 1++
dude this was in 2005, Im pretty sure someone has a recording of this its very recent.
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