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Status: Lost

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The show revolved around Jackie Thomas (Tom Arnold), a former stand-up comic/slaughterhouse worker turned television star and the drama behind the scenes of his show, The Jackie Thomas Show. It also starred Martin Mull, Paul Feig, and Michael Boatman.

Coincidentally the show itself is infamous for it's own drama concerning Tom Arnold and his then wife, Roseanne Barr. Barr sent threatening letters to reviewers who rated it poorly. At one point the couple even threatened to leave ABC and take Roseanne to a different network if The Jackie Thomas Show was not renewed for a new season.

It had pretty good ratings throughout its run as it aired after Roseanne, which was in it's 5th season. It even debuted with the highest ratings of any network series premiere at the time.

The show would last for 18 episodes. ABC ordered 4 more episodes which never were made. Tom Arnold would move onto CBS to work on Tom, which was cancelled in it's first season as well.

The show had no reruns and has never made it to DVD or streaming networks. The only remnants of The Jackie Thomas Show that have surfaced are the intro, some commercial bits, and it's small crossover in an episode of Roseanne. Other than that the show is presumed lost.