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A screenshot from the episode.

Status: Partially Found

The Jenny Jones Show was an American daytime talk show hosted by comedian, actress, and singer Jenny Jones. The show came to attention in 1995 when a taping of an episode called "Same Sex Crushes" resulted in the murder of Scott Amedure, and as a result, was never aired on TV.

Same Sex Crushes Episode[edit | edit source]

"Same Sex Crushes" was taped on March 25, 1995, and was about a man named Scott Amedure who had a crush on one of his co-workers, Jonathan Schmitz. Schmitz was unaware that Amedure liked him and thought that it was Aperture's female colleague who had a crush on him. When Schmitz was brought on stage, he appeared unconcerned as he laughed about that revelation in front of the audience.

Murder of Scott Amedure[edit | edit source]

Three days after the taping of the episode, Amedure was shot and killed at his home in Lake Orion, Michigan, by Schmitz, who had a long history of mental illness and alcohol/drug abuse. Schmitz was later convicted of Second Degree Murder and was sentenced to 25-50 years at Michigan's Jackson State Prison, now known as the Parnall Correctional Institution. Following the media coverage of the murder and the trial, the producers decided not to air the show, though part of it aired during Court TV's coverage of the trial as part of the presentation of evidence to the jury. Clips from the episode were also featured in the HBO documentary, Talked to Death.

Schmitz, now 47, is scheduled to be released from his sentence on August 22, 2017.[1]

Video[edit | edit source]

Clips of the unaired episode shown from the Talked to Death HBO documentary.

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