The Last Smiley (found online Neopets platform game; 2004-2006)

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The game's thumbnail art.

Status: Lost

The Last Smiley was a single player 3D platformer previously available on the Neopets website. It was developed by the Neopets Development Team, sometime around 2004/2005 and used the Shockwave 3D engine. It was taken down from Neopets sometime around September 2006.

In the game, you play as the titular Last Smiley, who must free all the other captured Smileys around Neopia.


The game was a 3D platformer with physics-based gameplay. The player would control a personified smiley face sphere through various unique obstacles to reach a goal. Around each level were the various other smileys that must be collected in order to complete the level and gain bonus points. There were a total of 7 levels.


Levels 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.
Levels 6 and 7.

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