The Lion King II: Simba's Pride (partially found production material and deleted scenes of Disney animated sequel film; 1995-1998)

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The final film's title card.

Status: Partially Found

The Lion King II: Simba's Pride also stylized as The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride is a direct-to-video sequel to the 1994 film The Lion King made by Disney in 1998. Widely considered by many to be one of the best Disney direct-to-video sequels, it underwent many changes before its release in 1998.

Early Production

During this time the film was very different from the final product with major plot and character differences.

Originally Scar and Zira (who was originally supposed to be called "Bianca" until being changed for not being an African-sounding name), were supposed to have a son called Nunka (Nunka would later be changed to Kovu with the name Nunka being reused for another character) who would try to seduce the daughter of Simba who at the time was called Aisha. This was later changed as this would have led to an incestuous relationship.[1]

Sometime during the film's development, the hyenas were also meant to return but did not for unknown reasons. [2] Zazu was meant to have a girlfriend called Binti but she was dropped for unknown reasons. [3]

At one point in development, Simba and Nala were supposed to have a son called Chaka but he was dropped later on in development. In early scripts, Nala would have sung a lullaby followed by a short conversation about Simba wanting a son.

Unknown Material

At some point during the film's development, Simba was to die according to early scripts however no proof can be found, apart from a few mentions on some wikis. Originally, Kiara was supposed to run away with Kovu with Mufasa telling them to go back. Seemingly evidence of this exists in the workprint, however, no proof can be found of this.

A line for Mufasa was seen being recorded in a documentary that being:

"You have let your family break apart, and in doing so, you have broken the Circle of Life."

It is unknown where this may have been meant to be or why it was cut.

Later Production

In a workprint, Kiara is shown having ear rims. In the workprint, Rafiki is seen painting on his tree commenting on the pride's secure future. Mufasa then messes up the painting and Rafiki discovers there's another cub, Rafiki accuses Mufasa of breaking the circle but then he sees the new cub as trouble.

Unlike the final film where Kovu is seen training by hunting termites, he is seen hunting one and letting it go seeing it did him no harm which Zira then kills stating it as a weakness. Nuka and Vitani are later seen informing Zira about a new cub Zira blames Simba for Scar's death Nuka later requests that as the oldest, he should be king but Zira snaps at him reminding him that Kovu is the Chosen One, so he will be king. After Nuka complies with his mother's vision, Zira climbs up on a rock point to gaze out over the Pride Lands with her children following her. She marvels at how green and "inviting" it is and informs her children that they truly belong there. She makes a promise to Scar that she and her pride will reclaim his Kingdom.

"My Lullaby" was significantly different with a different instrumental and different singer. Originally Nuka's death was longer when Nuka tells his mother that he has finally received his attention from her, Zira gives a true loving smile to Nuka as she holds his head before he passes away. During Kovu's exile, there was an additional scene during Kovu's judgment Kiara was also seen crying. "Not One of Us" had a different instrumental than the final one. "Love Will Find a Way" also have a different instrumental Kovu, and Kiara were supposed to race each other back.

Originally Zira's death was much darker than the finalized version with Zira refusing Kiara's help and deliberately throwing herself into the river. Kovu mourning his mother's death and one of Kiara's lines were not present. There was also a post-credit scene of Timon and Pumbaa eating termites in the outlands.[4]


It is rumored and speculated that Nuka's death and Zira's death were finished and shown with multiple people claiming to have seen it or have it albeit with no proof. In the film itself, there is evidence of such with Nuka being heard saying "Didn't I?" and Zira smiling while falling.

With no proper confirmation, it is unknown if these rumors are true.




Deleted dialogues from the film.
The Workprint.
A fan-made recreation of Zira's death.
A clip of the movie featuring the finalized version of Nuka's death.
A fan-made recreation of Nuka's death.

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