The Mitch Hedberg Project (partially found unreleased MTV pilot; 2001)

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Opening graphic on Mitch Hedberg Project

Status: Partially Lost/Found

At the height of his career, comedian Mitch Hedberg was creating a massive library of content that never saw the light of day. After performing stand-up for over 10 years, Hedberg decided to create a show centered around the life of a touring comic. The opening credits note that touring comics travel 298 days out of the year. The Mitch Hedberg Project was filmed for MTV and featured the comic during a seven day tour around California. The pilot episode was never picked up or released by MTV and is currently unavailable for viewing.


Comedian Mitch Hedberg brings his friends along for a comedy tour around California. The show is a mix of interviews, stand-up comedy and behind-the-scenes pranks.


  • Mitch Hedberg
  • Lynn Shawcroft (Comedian & Mitch Hedberg's wife)
  • Chuck (Bass player and comedian)
  • Rico (Master of Ceremonies)
  • Eddie "The Possum Man"Carnavale (Comedian)
  • Doug Stanhope


Parts of the pilot episode are viewable without sound on YouTube. The only known copy is owned by Hedberg's friend Possum Man[1], but there is currently no distribution as the rights to the video are unknown. Mitch Hedberg's widow, Lynn Shawcroft, asked comedian Doug Stanhope if he had seen the pilot through Twitter in 2017.[2]

Doug Stanhope confirmed the existence of the pilot when he shared the documentary based on one of the comedians from the show. [3]


Documentary about Possum Man, one of the comics on the tour, featuring footage from the unreleased pilot.