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{{Video|perrow  =4
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   |service1    =youtube
   |id1          =AR4Ivfin8zo
   |id1          =hf5XQqBMF9Y
   |description1 =Mr. Strong Makes a Big Splash
   |description1 =Mr. Muddle Goes Skating
  |service2    =youtube
  |id2          =YPGZOPjVcIA
  |description2 =Mr. Small's Big Dream

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Mr. Men Show (1997).jpg

Title card.

Status: Partially Found

The Mr. Men Show (not to be confused with the 2008 reboot) was a North American remake of the British series, Mr. Men and Little Miss, and is identical to it in many ways minus things such as the intro/outro and actors. It originally aired on CBC in Canada and was syndicated by the Summit Media Group in fall 1997 for the USA, where it aired on UPN Kids, HBO Family, and PTV.

Of the show's 39 episodes, only two episodes and the intro are currently on YouTube as well as some clips of the Canadian version. A few episodes of the French dub, Monsieur Bonhomme, are also available on YouTube.


Intro (Canadian version).
"Carnival" part 1.
"Carnival" part 2.
"Carnival" part 3.
"Fitness Day" part 1.
"Fitness Day" part 2.
"Fitness Day" part 3.

Mr. Muddle Goes Skating

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