The Mr. Potato Head Show (found Fox Kids puppet series; 1998-1999)

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Potato head title screen.jpg

Title screen.

Status: Found

Date found: December 18, 2016

Found by: Paroos and Luray

The Mr Potato Head Show was a children's television series featuring Mr Potato Head. It first aired on Fox Kids on September 12, 1998. The series ran for a single season of 13 episodes and was then cancelled on February 16, 1999. After the series had been cancelled by Hasbro for not selling enough toys, the creators made a direct-to-video movie that depicts the show's cancellation from the perspective of the characters. The movie mostly just clips from the television show, usually depicted as flashbacks. While the first episode of the series and the movie can be found online, the rest of the series is nowhere to be found. Due to the show being incredibly obscure, there's very little chance of there being a home video release of any kind. Though bits and pieces of the missing episodes can be seen in the direct-to-video movie, until December 18, 2016, when the full series was found.

The series was copyrighted in 1998 by Film Roman, and the records on do not indicate this cartoon getting transferred to Disney after they acquired Fox Kids.

Fox Kids promo that aired in the December of 1998.
The entire direct-to-video movie of The Mr. Potato Head Show.

List of Episodes[edit | edit source]

The titular character.

These episodes were uploaded to various video sites a while back by LMW user Paroos, who uploaded some to Dailymotion and All of the episodes were mirrored to YouTube by HodGaming for your convenience.

  1. Aliens Dig Baloney (FOUND)
  2. Royal Pain (FOUND)
  3. The Thing in the Microwave (FOUND)
  4. Secret Agent Mania (FOUND)
  5. Cheap Shots (FOUND)
  6. Potato Verite (FOUND)
  7. Forsake Me Not (FOUND)
  8. Equal Writes (FOUND)
  9. Robotato (FOUND)
  10. Pillow (FOUND)
  11. Smart Attack (FOUND)
  12. Not With a Bang (1) (FOUND)
  13. Not With a Bang (2) (FOUND)