The Price Is Right (partially found Doug Davidson version of Goodson-Todman game show; 1994-1995)

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A newspaper ad for the show.

Status: Partially Found

The Price Is Right (referred to as "The New Price Is Right") was a short-lived syndicated game show based on the CBS game show of the same name that ran from September 12, 1994 to January 27, 1995. It was a half-hour version of the hour long CBS version and was the third syndicated incarnation of the show. The show was hosted by actor Doug Davidson (who was known for The Young and The Restless)[1] and announced by Burton Richardson (who would voice the CBS version on several occasions between 2001 and 2006). While this version of the show was short-lived, it would go on to have a cult following and receive praise for fans of the CBS version for being different than the CBS version. Because of the show being short-lived, many of its 80 episodes have become very hard to find.

Format[edit | edit source]

The format for the show is a spin on the format from the CBS version, one contestant is called up on stage to play a pricing game. This happens two more times before the showcase showdown. The three contestants play "The Price WAS Right" as part of the showcase showdown where all them must bid on an item from a commercial from 40 years prior based on what the price was at the time the commercial aired. The contestant with the closest bid will go on to play the showcase. In some episodes, this was changed to the big wheel. The winning contestant gets shown a showcase and after being shown the showcase, they must stop a $10,000 range going up a chart of amounts ranging from $10,000 to $70,000. If the price of the showcase shows up in the range, the contestant wins the showcase

Episodes[edit | edit source]

List[edit | edit source]

# Pricing Games[2] Airdate Status Notes
1 Money Game, Race Game, Magic Number September 12, 1994 Found First episode aired
2 Hole in One, Switch?, Safe Crackers September 13, 1994 Found
3 Clock Game, Temptation, Squeeze Play September 14, 1994 Found Big Wheel was used
4 Any Number, Shell Game, Most Expensive September 15, 1994 Found
5 Punch a Bunch, One Away, Switch? September 16, 1994 Lost
6 Temptation, Punch a Bunch, Switch? September 19, 1994 Found
7 Danger Price, Lucky Seven, Shell Game September 20, 1994 Found Big Wheel was used
8 Lucky Seven, Magic Number, Plinko September 21, 1994 Found
9 Plinko, Ten Chances, Most Expensive September 22, 1994 Found
10 Lucky Seven, Credit Card, Safe Crackers September 23, 1994 Found
11 Safe Crackers, Hole in One, Switch? September 26, 1994 Found
12 Cliff Hangers, Dice Game, Danger Price September 27, 1994 Found Big Wheel was used
13 Super Ball!!, Squeeze Play, Danger Price September 28, 1994 Found
14 Hole in One, Clock Game, Squeeze Play September 29, 1994 Found[1][2] Big Wheel was used
15 3 Strikes, Shell Game, Switch? September 30, 1994 Found
16 One Away, Clock Game, Cliff Hangers October 3, 1994 Lost
17 Safe Crackers, 3 Strikes, Make Your Mark October 4, 1994 Found
18 Plinko, Ten Chances, Most Expensive October 5, 1994 Lost
19 Money Game, Safe Crackers, Punch a Bunch October 6, 1994 Lost
20 Hole in One, Squeeze Play, Swap Meet October 7, 1994 Found
21 Lucky Seven, Shell Game, Danger Price October 10, 1994 Found
22 Ten Chances, Race Game, Most Expensive October 11, 1994 Found Big Wheel was used
23 Plinko, Safe Crackers, Lucky Seven October 12, 1994 Found Big Wheel was used
24 One Away, Plinko, Switch? October 13, 1994 Found Big Wheel was used
25 Squeeze Play, Hole in One, Danger Price October 14, 1994 Found
26 Clock Game, Ten Chances, Cliff Hangers October 17, 1994 Found
27 Safe Crackers, Temptation, Swap Meet October 18, 1994 Found Big Wheel was used
28 Plinko, 3 Strikes, Magic Number October 19, 1994 Lost
29 Golden Road, Most Expensive, Plinko October 20, 1994 Lost
30 Hole in One, Magic Number, Squeeze Play October 21, 1994 Lost
31 Hole in One, Race Game, Squeeze Play October 24, 1994 Lost
32 Golden Road, Magic Number, Secret "X" October 25, 1994 Partially Found
33 Golden Road, Squeeze Play, Magic Number October 26, 1994 Lost
34 Any Number, Plinko, Danger Price October 27, 1994 Found Big Wheel was used
35 Poker Game, Punch a Bunch, 3 Strikes October 28, 1994 Lost
36 Any Number, Switch?, Shell Game October 31, 1994 Found
37 Ten Chances, Grand Game, Switch? November 1, 1994 Found
38 Grand Game, One Away, Most Expensive November 2, 1994 Found Big Wheel was used
39 Secret "X", Lucky Seven, Shell Game November 3, 1994 Lost
40 Super Ball!!, Most Expensive, Safe Crackers November 4, 1994 Found Big Wheel was used
41 Any Number, Plinko, Swap Meet November 7, 1994 Found
42 Super Ball!!, Most Expensive, Switch? November 8, 1994 Found
43 One Away, Secret "X", Clock Game November 9, 1994 Lost
44 Shell Game, 3 Strikes, Switch? November 10, 1994 Lost
45 Ten Chances, Most Expensive, Secret "X" November 11, 1994 Lost
46 Any Number, Plinko, Danger Price November 14, 1994 Lost
47 Unknown November 15, 1994 Lost
48 Unknown November 16, 1994 Lost
49 Plinko, Money Game, Safe Crackers November 17, 1994 Lost
50 Squeeze Play, Hole in One, Danger Price November 18, 1994 Lost
51 Unknown November 21, 1994 Lost
52 Unknown November 22, 1994 Lost
53 Money Game, Plinko, Danger Price November 23, 1994 Lost
54 Safe Crackers, Dice Game, Cliff Hangers November 24, 1994 Lost
55 Golden Road, Magic Number, Cliff Hangers November 25, 1994 Found
56 Unknown November 28, 1994 Lost
57 Unknown November 29, 1994 Lost
58 Unknown November 30, 1994 Lost
59 Unknown December 1, 1994 Lost
60 Unknown December 2, 1994 Lost
61 Unknown December 5, 1994 Lost
62 Unknown December 6, 1994 Lost
63 Unknown December 7, 1994 Lost
64 Unknown December 8, 1994 Lost
65 One Away, Danger Price, Grand Game December 9, 1994 Found
66 Unknown January 9, 1995 Lost
67 Unknown January 10, 1995 Lost
68 Unknown January 11, 1995 Lost
69 Unknown January 12, 1995 Lost
70 Unknown January 13, 1995 Lost
71 Unknown January 16, 1995 Lost
72 Unknown January 17, 1995 Lost
73 Unknown January 18, 1995 Lost
74 Unknown January 19, 1995 Lost
75 Unknown January 20, 1995 Lost
76 Unknown January 23, 1995 Lost
77 Unknown January 24, 1995 Lost
78 Unknown January 25, 1995 Lost
79 Unknown January 26, 1995 Lost
80 Unknown January 27, 1995 Lost

Unknown Episodes[edit | edit source]

Unknown episode from an unknown date
Unknown episode from an unknown date
Episode from circa. October 1994
Episode from circa. December 1994

Cancelation[edit | edit source]

The show was filmed in Summer 1994 after being announced by the show's syndicator Paramount Domestic Television at the NATPE convention that January and was sold in 78 markets[3]. Three months into the show's run, the show was dropped by various markets due to low ratings despite being paired with another Goodson-Todman game show Family Feud. On December 15th, Paramount announced that the show would not be renewed for a second season with the low ratings being citied as the cause for the show's non-renewal. The markets that still carried the show ended up moving the show from an early afternoon timeslot to overnight timeslots and some didn't air the show at all to make way for news coverage of the murder trial of former football player O.J. Simpson. Production on the show officially ceased on January 23, 1995[4] and the final episode aired on January 27th.

Availability[edit | edit source]

The show has not been reran on Game Show Network (unlike the CBS version and the previous Syndicated version). This maybe down to Fremantle (The Price Is Right's current owner) not fully owning this version as it was mostly produced by the syndicator Paramount Domestic Television and the version's current owner is CBS Media Ventures[5][6]. Many of the show's episodes have resurfaced online thanks to home recordings of the episode's original airings and uploads of the episode's master tapes. The rest of the series remains lost to this day.

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