The Quest! (found Cartoon Network point-and-click game; mid-1990s)

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Logo for the game.

Status: Found

Date found: 17 Mar 2019

Found by: Alex McG

The Quest is a Space Ghost point and click computer game made by Cartoon Network in 1995. The game is widely remembered by many people, but for a long time, the CD disk was nowhere to be found. The supposed CD disk was rumored to be on a game sampler of the same name.[1]

Development[edit | edit source]

The Quest released in 1995 was a special edition CD "companion" that AOL gave out produced by Kidsoft who is known for their mid-1990s "Club Kidsoft" releases that were point and clicks in a virtual club room featuring demos to educational games and acted as a portal to Kidsoft's AOL channel with fanart and contests.

The Quest is unique from the standard "Club Kidsoft" productions in that it features a story and main objective along with the "Club Kidsoft" room. Three cartoon characters find themselves on a "quest" to solve 20 riddles featured though out the content of the game as ordered by the giant shrunken heads and are teleported to a point and click environment. Various other companies including Cartoon Network are featured in this game with a Space Ghost game where users can ask him questions and hear Borak's music, along with a TV room with a Space Ghost movie clip and WB Animaniacs clip.

Content[edit | edit source]

The content listed in the games directory is:

  • America Online Art Upgrade
  • Blackberry Creek Activities
  • Cartoon Network Concentration Game
  • Cartoon Network Space Ghost Band
  • Cartoon Network Space Ghost Videos
  • DC Comics
  • Discovery Channel Pharaoh Senet Game
  • AOL Game Arcade
  • Kids WB Animaniacs Video
  • Kidsoft Club Art
  • Kidsoft Club Room
  • Kidsoft Club Stories
  • Kidsoft SuperStore with PC demos
    • Oregon Trail
    • Computer Fun Set
    • Jigsaw it!
    • Student Writing Center
    • Troggle Trouble Math
  • Odyssey Silk Journey
  • Quick, Quack, Quote Game
  • Scholastic Diaries
  • Smithsonian Dinosaur Game
  • Smithsonian Music Around the World

All the answers to the riddles are found in this content that is accessed through the point-and-click world or in-game directory.

Mentioning[edit | edit source]

Though many people remember playing this game, the CD for it is nowhere to be found. This game was first mentioned on YouTube when the intro for it was shown by timdashryan on May 21st, 2008. The game was later mentioned on Twitter by Captain B. Z. @PAXEAST. For a long time, The Quest was considered to be lost.

On March 17th, 2019, Twitter user AlexMcG uploaded the entire game to MEGA, therefore making the game found.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

The game's opening.

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