The Three Stooges "Malice In The Palace" (lost deleted scene of slapstick comedy series short; 1949)

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The Three Stooges were an American slapstick comedy team which was active from the early to mid-20th century. The trio started making feature films in 1930. In 1934 the trio split from Ted Healy and made their own short subjects. In 1959 the trio ended their short subject presentations.

Malice in the Palace was the 117th short starring The Three Stooges. The short is now in the public domain.

Originally in the short there was a brief scene of the restaurant the Stooges were running. Former stooge member Curly Howard was supposed to play a chef in the film. However due to his stroke 2 years earlier the scene was ultimately deleted and the chef instead was Larry. On the Lobby card of the short a screenshot of Curly exists. Unfortunately no surviving prints of the scene have been found to this day.