The Twins (partially found animated series; 2000)

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A promotional image for the series

Status: Partially Found

The Twins is an animated television series based on the book of the same name by John Wallace, and produced by CINAR (now WildBrain), Martin Gates Productions, and Flextech Television Limited. The series lasted 26 nine-minute episodes, or 13 half-hours, and aired on YTV in Canada and CiTV in the United Kingdom from 2000 to 2001.[1][2]


The show centers on two 5-year-old twin sisters: Lil, who's neat and tidy, and Nellie, who's messy and sloppy. Their opposing personalities often clash, ultimately getting them in trouble. But eventually, they work things out, working together and sometimes even standing up for each other. Other characters include Snaily, Nellie's pet snail; Fluffy, Lil's sophisticated talking stuffed rabbit; and Amy, Nellie and Lil's spoiled next-door neighbor.


In late 2007, Cookie Jar Entertainment (the series' distributor at the time) and Direct Source Special Products released on DVD Travel & Fun... All in One, a Region 1 box set containing 2 CD discs of public domain children's songs and 2 DVD discs containing a collection of episodes of The Country Mouse and the City Mouse Adventures, The Upstairs Downstairs Bears, The Babaloos, MumbleBumble, and The Twins.[3] Two out of the 13 half-hour episodes were released on said DVD, however, they do not contain the theme song or credits. Furthermore, the box set has been long since out of print and hard to find.

On January 27th, 2013, a YouTube user by the name of Laurenthewild1999 uploaded the episode "Where's Snaily?," this time containing the theme song and taped off a broadcast from CiTV. That would be the only trace of the show's existence on YouTube until May 14th, 2019, when another YouTuber by the name of TVShoaz uploaded the two episodes released on DVD. On January 1st, 2021, YouTuber Classic New Television uploaded the episode "Trampoline," making it the sixth nine-minute episode to become public. Although Classic New Television was terminated some time later, the episode was preserved on Internet Archive.


The episode "Where's Snaily?".
The episodes "Holiday" and "Swimming".
The episodes "Sand Castles" and "Happy Campers".
The episode "Trampoline".

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