The Wiggles (partially found Taiwanese adaptation of children's series; 2003-2007)

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A fanmade version of the series' first logo.

Status: Partially Found

The Wiggles are a popular children's group that formed in 1991 in Sydney, Australia. They are known for their hits Hot Potato, Get Ready To Wiggle, Fruit Salad and many others. Between 1991 and 1998, they mostly released albums and videos and toured heavily and would gain popularity in Australia. By the turn of the century, the group gained globe popularity and their albums, videos, television shows and tours would become hugely successful. The group's success lead to many versions of the group in different countries, including a version in the Taiwan market.


The lineup first named The Taiwanese Wiggles was Danny Shao in the purple skivvy, Arthur Chen in the blue skivvy, Anni Hsu in the red skivvy and Carlos Chang in the yellow skivvy and was created by the Australian group and Walt Disney International as part of a licensing agreement the group signed in 2001[1]. The lineup would release two albums (大家來Wiggle![2] and 歡樂Party! on September 3 and December 10, 2003), three videos (大家來Wiggle! on September 3, 2003, 歡樂Party! on December 10, 2003 and Arthur的烤蛋糕 on September 2, 2004) and would appear in animated form in the short Wiggly Summertime! in 2004. A television series starring the lineup would air on Disney Channel Taiwan and would be based on Series One from 1998 with songs from the videos they released along with sketches at Wigglehouse, Henry The Octopus and Captain Feathersword. In 2005, the group would undergo a change with a new name The Mandarin Wiggles and Carlos Chang and Anni Hsu would leave the group. Arthur Chen would switch from the blue skivvy to the yellow skivvy and Vivi Lin and Samuel Chung wearing the red and blue skivvies respectfully and Danny Shao would remain in the purple skivvy. Their television series would be revamped into The Wiggles Show (named after Series Four and Five) and would be similar to the respective series. The group would released one final video Lights, Camera, Action! 好戲上場 on December 15, 2006. Their final appearance would be a Spring festival concert at Taipei's Family Fun Theater in Taipei City, Taiwan on April 7, 2007, the group would disband after the performance and the television series would be discontinued shortly thereafter in favor of dubbing the original Australian series.


The exact date the series ended is unknown, but what is known is that the show aired weekdays at 7:30 am and 11:00 am and on weekends at 6:00 am and 8:55 am[3] and it premiered on Disney Channel Taiwan on March 31, 2003[4]. Very little of the television series has survived in the years since. Oddly enough, the group's entire discography[5][6] and videography can be found online with a quick YouTube search. Various clips from the series have made it online in varying quality. Clips including the show's first intro, an alternative performance of Captain's Magic Buttons that wasn't present on 歡樂Party!, a performance of Can You (Point Your Fingers And Do The Twist?) from later in the series, a promo for the series and the show's final intro. A performance of The Monkey Dance including the show's second intro was included as a special feature on the Australian group's 2010 compilation video "Hot Potatoes! The Best of The Wiggles".


On May 22, 2021, Anthony Field (from the Australian group) revealed on Twitter that the international versions of The Wiggles will be making their way onto the group's YouTube channel. Among the other international versions of the group were the Taiwanese and Mandarin lineups.[7] The television series may be among the content from the lineups coming to the channel, though it's unknown exactly when it'll be on the channel.






Lights, Camera, Action! 好戲上場


The series' first intro

Alternate performance of Captain's Magic Buttons (incomplete)

Promo for the series

Brief clip from the series at (0:07)

The series' second intro and performance of The Monkey Dance


Kait's place's video on lost media surrounding The Wiggles (mentions the Taiwanese adaptation at 9:43)


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