This Is a Muse Demo (partially found demo tape of song by rock band; 1995)

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This Is A Muse Demo-cover.jpg

Cover for the demo tape.

Status: Partially Found

This Is a Muse Demo is the earliest known recording of Muse, dating back to 1995. It was recorded in Christopher Wolstenholme's house on May 1995. Fragments for all four songs have been published on YouTube, but not the full songs themselves. While this tape has been put up for auction twice, it went for high prices due to its rarity. The first auction was won by an alleged ex-girlfriend of Dominic Howard, who won it for about £500 and didn't want to share recordings of the tape. The second auction was won by an avid collector for £4,214, despite efforts for a collective bid from Muse's fan community. Copies of the tape are rare and likely were produced in low numbers, with only three copies known to exist.

Fragments for Sling, Feed, and Jigsaw Memory .
Fragment for Back Door.
Another fragment for Back Door.