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   |description1 =Tim's $125,000-$500,000 question. (Starts at 5:30)
   |description1 =Tim's $125,000-$500,000 question. (Starts at 5:30)

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Tim Winning $500,000. (Showed in The Champions Edition opening)

Status: Partially Found

In January 2000, Tim Shields' went into the hot seat on Who Wants to be a Millionaire. He ended up missing his $16,000 question, but it was later discovered his question was flawed.

So the show brought him back in unaired segment and ended up winning $500,000. In May 2000, he was invited back for the Champions Edition and made it on the end of the 2nd night. At the beginning of the next show, Regis explained why he returned and showed a brief clip of his $125,000-$500,000 question. His second $16,000-$64,000 question remain unknown to this day. For his $1,000,000 question, someone who claimed to have been at the taping said they remember the question.

The Possible Million Dollar Question

What is the last word in the Old Testament?

A. Forever

B. True

C. Prayer

D. Curse

The correct answer is D. Curse.


Tim's $125,000-$500,000 question. (Starts at 5:30)