Time 2 "Gangs" (partially found episode of Christian VHS series; 1995)

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cover of vhs

Status: Partially found

Time 2 is a Christian vhs series that was hosted by musician Carman Licciardello. The episodes would talk about topics surrounding religion and would feature other musical guests. The show has never had a release besides vhs due to it being released in a monthly membership. Most of the episodes have been uploaded to youtube except one, the episode called gangs.

Not much is know about this episode due to the website that hosted the episode giving it the basic plot description all of the episodes had. All that is known is that it featured John Schlitt performing Let It Show due to it being mentioned on the website and the segment being on YouTube, and that it talked about gangs since it was in the title.

Video[edit | edit source]

John Schlitt performance from the episode.

References[edit | edit source]

1.Website listing the episode