Tiny Tim at Ukulele Hall of Fame (found recording of musician's heart attack; 1996)

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Tiny Tim was a ukulele player famous for his falsetto rendition of Tiptoe Through The Tulips and his marriage to Miss Vicki Budinger on The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson in the late 1960s. However, in just a few years, his popularity faded away and he continued a career of scarce singles, albums, and consistent live performances. In the 1990s, he emerged again with newfound popularity after numerous appearances on The Howard Stern Show.

The 1996 Ukulele Expo

On September 28, 1996, Tiny was invited to perform at the Ukulele Hall Of Fame Expo at the Montague Book Mill in Massachusetts. He was recorded several hours before his performance being interviewed and singing a selection of old songs from artists such as Rudy Vallee, Russ Columbo and Byron G Harlan, singers from the early 1900s. That interview was released on a DVD entitled "Tiny Tim's Songs and Stories Of The Crooners", and it can be bought online. A segment from that interview can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WrHam4Fosr8

However, When Tiny got up on stage to perform his set at the show, he announced, "I'm not feeling very well, so If I happen to cough, or anything, that's why." Right when the first note was played by his backing band, he fell off of the stage with the cameras rolling.This footage was played on national news stations everywhere.He came to later on and it was revealed he had a heart attack. Tiny was advised to retire from perform, but did not listen to the warnings, and he died of a massive heart attack 2 months later at a gala benefit in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The footage of the heart attack is lost and has not surfaced.