Tokyo Pig (partially lost English dubbed episodes of anime series; 2002)

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The show's title card.

Status: Partially Lost

Tokyo Pig, also known as Fair, then Partly Piggy is an anime series, based on a picture book written by Shiro Yadama. The series is about a boy named Spencer Weinberg-Takahama who starts writing his journal entries a day in advance, after discovering that whatever he writes down actually happens the day after.

A book cover, showing the alternate title.

The anime series was created by Group TAC, which was aired on TV Tokyo from July 3, 1997 to September 29, 1998. When it was dubbed into English, it was renamed Tokyo Pig. The dub was first broadcast on September 14, 2002 in America on ABC Family.

ABC Family had aired the first two episodes in order, but started airing a limited amount of the original Japanese episodes out of order. Out of the total 61 episodes, only 28 episodes were dubbed and aired in America, while the series it self would be pre-empted by repeats of older episodes and shows like Spiderman, Power Rangers, and the Incredible Hulk. After the series' abrupt cancellation on March 30, 2003, Miramax released "The Best Of Tokyo Pig", which only contained 8 of the 28 dubbed episodes. Nowadays, 12 of the once-lost dubbed episodes can be found on the internet, along with the released 8, but there are 5 episodes that are still missing.



1 "When Pigs Fly" On DVD
2 "Invasion of the Pig Clones" Found
3 "A Bitter Fruit" On DVD
4 "The Incredible Shrinking School" On DVD
5 "Luck of the Draw" On DVD
6 "Tickled Pigs Feet" Found
7 "Veggie Power" Found
8 "Aliens" (aka "Little Aliens, Pig Trouble") Found
9 "Trouble in Lightning Land" On DVD
10 "Pigtoven vs. Principal" Found
11 "20,000 Leagues Beneath a C+" Lost
12 "Dad is the Worst Cook Ever" On DVD
13 "A Trip to the Slopes" Lost
14 "Pigs on Ice" On DVD
15 "Samurai Lunch Lady" On DVD
16 "Lookout! It's A Cookout" Found
17 "The Devil Lady Next Door" Lost
18 "Auld Lang Swine" Lost
19 "Oinks from Outer Space" Found
20 "Spencer Goes Buggy" Lost
21 "Bones" Found
22 "Kite-Flying for Dummies" Found
23 "Pooped Out Pig" Found
24 "The Lovesick Castaway" Found
25 "Milk of Amnesia" Found
26 "Moon Girl" Found
27 "Pouty Pig: Scourge of the Galaxy" Found
28 "Bummer Vacation" Found