ToonHeads (partially lost animation anthology series; 1996-2003)

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ToonHeads logo.jpg

The title card for ToonHeads.

Status: Partially Lost

ToonHeads was an American animation anthology series consisting of Hanna-Barbera, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Warner Brothers, Jay Ward and Popeye shorts, with trivia in between shorts about the studio who made it, a character in it, etc.. Each episode would have a different theme.

ToonHeads was originally broadcast on Cartoon Network from December 23, 1996 to November 23, 2003. Reruns aired from 2003 to 2005 on Cartoon Network and Boomerang. The series included eighty-two episodes, two one-hour specials, and one half-hour special which was never aired.

Season 1

All fifteen episodes [1] can not be found anywhere, save for two-thirds of the St. Patrick's Day episode, found by CDCB.
Notice: "(H-B)" means Hanna Barbera, "(MGM)" means Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, "(WB)" means Warner Brothers, "(JW)" means Jay Ward, and "(P)" means Popeye.

Episode Name Shorts Availability
01 El Kabong "El Kabong" (H-B)
"El Kabong Meets El Kazing" (H-B)
"El Kabong Bongs Kabong" (H-B)
02 Barney Bear "Wee Willie Wildcat" (MGM)
"The Impossible Possum" (MGM)
"The Bear and the Beavers" (MGM)
03 Tom and Jerry - The Chuck Jones Cartoons "The Cat Above the Mouse Below" (MGM)
"Much Ado About Mousing" (MGM)
"Cat and Dupli-cat" (MGM)
04 Ranger John Smith "A Bear Living" (H-B)
"Bear Face Disguise" (H-B)
"Home Sweet Jellystone" (H-B)
05 Hollywood "Slick Hare" (WB)
"Popeye's 20th Anniversary" (P)
"Yankee Doodle Daffy" (WB)
06 The Old West "Hare Trigger" (WB)
"Homesteader Droopy" (MGM)
"Wagon Heels" (WB)
07 Music "Me Musical Nephews" (P)
"The Rabbit of Seville" (WB)
"Johann Mouse" (MGM)
08 Sports "Baseball Bugs" (WB)
"The Bowling-Alley Cat" (MGM)
"The Football Toucher-Downer" (P)
09 Mel Blanc "Rabbit Seasoning" (WB)
"Speedy Gonzales" (WB)
"Daffy Duck Slept Here" (WB)
10 Daws Butler "Mars Little Precious" (H-B)
"Tricky Trapper" (H-B)
"Pie-Pirates" (H-B)
11 The Evolution of Tom and Jerry "Puss Gets the Boot" (MGM)
"Mouse Trouble" (MGM)
"Ah, Sweet Mouse-story of Life" (WB)
12 Bugs Bunny in Fairy Tales "Little Red Riding Rabbit" (WB)
"Bugs Bunny and the Three Bears" (WB)
"Jack-Wabbit and the Beanstalk" (WB)
13 Jay Ward "Treasure of Sierra Madre" (JW)
"Tom Tom the Piper's Son" (JW)
"Dudley Do-Right" (JW)
"How to Direct Movies" (JW)
"Snow White" (JW)
14 Valentine's Day "The Zoot Cat" (MGM)
"The Stupid Cupid" (WB)
"Little 'Tinker" (MGM)
15 St. Patrick's Day "The Huck of the Irish" (H-B)
"Droopy Leprechaun" (MGM)
"The Wearing of the Grin" (WB)
Partially Found

Season 2

This season is the most complete, with thirty-three available.

Season 3

This season is the next most complete, with ninteen available. There was an episode "The Bugs Bunny 12" that ended up not being aired.