Tord Larsson's explanation video (partially found YouTube video; 2012)

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Screenshot from existing footage

Status: Partially Found


Tord Åke Larsson was a Norwegian YouTuber who was most known for his work on the animated series, Eddsworld. He was also a friend of the creator, Edd Gould. Tord worked on the series from 2004, all the way until 2008. On March 25th, 2012, Edd died from cancer.

Video Contents

5 days later after Edd's death, Tord uploaded a video. In this video, he first responded to Edd's death, paying his respects to him. Then, he explained why he had left Eddsworld. The reason being was that he had been harassed and stalked by fans of the series, causing him to go quit and go into hiding.


Soon, the video was lost due to Tord deleting his account, in order to hide from fans again. The YouTube link has been archived on, but the video itself has been lost. The only piece of footage that is known to have survived is from the video tribute video “Your Eulogy”