Totally Twisted Fairy Tales (partially found animated shorts; 1997)

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A still of "Redux Riding Hood."

Status: Lost

Totally Twisted Fairy Tales is a set of four short films planned by Disney / Walt Disney TV Animation and MovieToons in the late 1990's that were meant to be new takes on classic fairy tales. The idea involved combining Disney artists, high-quality writers, and unusual takes on classic fairy tales. The shorts were as follows: "Redux Riding Hood" (based off of Red Riding Hood), "Three Little Pigs", "Jack in the Beanstalk" and a fourth cartoon that was never finalised.

Only "Redux Riding Hood" and "Three Little Pigs" were ever released. Both films were shown at several animation festival screenings, but only "Redux Riding Hood" has resurfaced online. It's unknown if "Jack In the Beanstalk" was even finished, as very little info on the short has been made public.

According to Steve Moore, "The Three Pigs" places the pigs in a "Real World" parody episode. They live in a loft and take in a wolf as a roommate in an attempt to be contemporary, open-minded pigs. The wolf is played by Harvey Fierstein, and he swears he's a vegan but comes out as a carnivore later. It was directed and written by Darrell Rooney and has the running time of 20 minutes. Despite calling it hilarious, Steve Moore reportedly doesn't have a copy, though Jerry Beck did say that he'll see if he can find it.[1]

Resurfaced Footage[edit | edit source]

"Redux Riding Hood", the only Totally Twisted Fairy Tales short to have surfaced online.

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