Tronji (partially found British children's TV series; 2009-2010)

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Poster from the show.

Status: Partially Found

Tronji is a CGI animated children's TV series and a multiplayer online game aimed at children aged six to eight, it was produced by Ragdoll Productions which aired on CBBC from May 11th, 2009 to October 15th, 2010.

The Show[edit | edit source]

Tronji takes place in the CGI-animated universe of Tronjiworld, where creatures known as Tronjis live happily. However, all of that changed when Tronjiworld was struck by a natural disaster, known simply as "Wobble", which caused immense destruction to Tronjiworld by draining away its colour and happiness and causing all Tronjis to cry, and even separated several parts of it away into an area known as The Gap, which is a space-like void filled with asteroids.

Each episode follows the Great Eek summoning three children from Peopleworld (the Tronji name for Earth) and enlisting their help in reaching the saddest part of the broken pieces of Tronji and repair the damage done using their special skills, whilst the Great Eek and Tronji-O locate Tronji-I in Peopleworld, who usually materializes within an unhappy situation, in which the Great Eek and Tronji-O will use gem power from the children to fix the situation and therefore use Double Happiness to return the broken pieces back together.

Availability[edit | edit source]

30 episodes were made and the BBC listed all episodes on the BBC website but its unavailable to view[1]

in March 2021 "cooldude" uploaded the episode "Tronji Art Gallery" on Dailymotion and "TelevisionVideoAndDVDHallway" reuploaded the episode onto YouTube, it is unknown if "cooldude" have plans to upload more episodes.

Episode List[edit | edit source]

# Episode Title Status
01 Popcorn Volcano Lost
02 Dingdong Dell Lost
03 Telly Town Lost
04 Water Works Lost
05 Yaa-Boo Land Lost
06 Winter Whoopsy Land Lost
07 Tronji Rockery Lost
08 Tronji Sorting Office Lost
09 Slippery Slopes Lost
10 Roly-Bowly Land Lost
11 Tronjibowl Arena Lost
12 Tronjisaur Golf Course Lost
13 Snoggyland Lost
14 Cheesey-Wig Land Lost
15 Tiddly-piddly Plop Pond Lost
16 Tronji Art Gallery Found
17 Shakey-Snake Land Lost
18 Lollipop Forest Lost
19 Grassy Hump Bump Lost
20 Freaky Mirror Land Lost
21 Tronji-Bop Talent Studio Lost
22 Sock Tree Nursery Lost
23 Tinkle-Water Fountain Lost
24 Ping-Fruit Petrol Station Lost
25 Tronji Library Lost
26 Rice Cake Puffers Lost
27 Caravan Holiday Lost
28 The Everlasting Hedge Lost
29 Fizzflower Lilypond Lost
30 Tronji Boggle Train Lost

Reference[edit | edit source]