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Turkey Tom's current YouTube profile picture.

Status: Partially Found

Background[edit | edit source]

Turkey Tom is a commentary YouTube channel that was created on July 11, 2015. Although he is most known for his commentary videos, his origins on YouTube began back in 2015 with animations he had produced before being removed.

Removed Videos 2016[edit | edit source]

In 2016, Turkey Tom created a series by the name of "Animated Tales", in which he tell real life events in an animated form, similar in style to YouTuber Odd1sOut. However, in early 2017, all of his Animated Tales videos were removed from his channel, with none being reuploaded.

Removed Videos 2017[edit | edit source]

By 2017, Turkey Tom had switched his YouTube genre to commentary videos. With Tom frequently deleting old videos that do not live up to his current expectations, many of his oldest commentary videos have since been removed. Many examples include videos in his, "The Problems With:" series. Some of his deleted videos include: The Problems with Christmas, The Problems with Kavos (Original), The Problems Anime and The Problems with Justice League.

Other videos outside of The Problems series include Filler-Video.exe: I Hate Everything Clone and The Worst Animated Christmas Movies Ever Made.

Removed Videos 2018[edit | edit source]

Turkey Tom had removed two videos he created in 2018, both of which were created back to back. These videos were: Busting Digibro/Otaku Gonzo Journalism: The Worst Anime Reviewer (And Creep) on YouTube and The Problems with The MysteriousMr.Enter: How Not to Start an Indegogo Cartoon (+PieGuyRulz, EPZP)

Both of these videos sparked fierce criticism. Many found his Mr.Enter video to be too harsh, as Tom had crushed his dream to create his Indegogo cartoon Growing Around, and frequently called him untalented and made pedophilia jokes about him. Many of his fans misinterpreted Turkey Tom's pedophilia jokes towards Mr. Enter (including Mr. Enter himself).

The Digibro video was disliked for Turkey Tom's allegations that Digibro was a pedophile, due to his taste in lolicon anime porn. Digibro responded to his video a few hours after being published, and Turkey Tom ultimately removed both videos. Although the Mr.Enter video has been reuploaded, the Digibro video remains lost.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Some of his removed videos that have since been reuploaded:

The Problems With Twitch.
Mr.Enter Indegogo campaign critique video.