U's Place (lost local television block; 1996-2001)

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U's Place Logo.gif

The block's logo.

Status: Lost

U's Place is an American television block that ran between 1996 and 2001 on Buffalo, New York-based Fox-affiliate WUTV. Hosted by Craig Scime, the interstitials were aired on weekday mornings alongside the channel's syndicated children's programming and the national Fox Kids block.[1] The block got its name from "U," a puppet host made out of a TV. This was seen as an attempt to duplicate the success Canadian broadcaster YTV saw with Snit, a puppet TV host introduced in its after-school The Zone lineup two years earlier.[2] Due to WUTV's proximity to Canada's largest television market, the broadcaster would often tailor its programming to attract that audience.[3]

No footage of the block has surfaced since its initial broadcast.



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