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Hallo, servus, all of that. I'm a British child of the '90s (age 25), now located in Germany in a town that everyone pretends doesn't exist. It's weird. My German is (and has always been) pretty crap, though.

I mainly write and contribute to articles on British TV shows, obscure foreign dubs of cartoons, and obscure cartoons in general. So far I have written and contributed to these articles:

I'm a big fan of comic books - primarily Marvel (Spider-Man and X-Men most definitely), but I do delve into DC, Image, Dark Horse and other publishers occasionally. (I mainly collect comics digitally, owing to the fact that I don't want to pay extra import fees on books that are less than 20 pages long. I may grouse about certain issues being unavailable outside of North America from time to time.)

I named myself after a character in Homestuck, but trust me when I say I am not one of *those* fans. (Although I may have had to mentally check out of work when it officially ended on 4/13/2016. So sue me.)

Anyway. That's me. My background (through volunteering in England) has been in museum curation, libraries and archiving. I did Publishing for a semester at university and instead went into Heritage for a few weeks before switching to a Literature degree. Nothing fancy, really. I'm also deeply interested in archaeology and history - I've seen how the preservation of certain artefacts can seriously inform future generations about the lives we lived and the stories we chose to tell. Hence my fledgling interest in media preservation.