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As of today (July 27th, 2021), I am leaving the Lost Media community, this time for good. No "taking a break", no coming back due to boredom, I am leaving and not coming back.
For months now, I have been dealing with jokes where the punchline is that I exist. Where there were jokes that had slightly more substance, they would often stop being funny within a weeks time. However, despite that, these jokes continued, and still continue, to the very moment I am writing this.
On top of this, while I will acknowledge that this specific issue had been mostly dealt with by the admin team (who I will say now I don't hold anything against), users in party games would often depict my profile picture doing uncomfortable, or outright sexual activities. In text-based games, I would often again be subjected to myself being the punchline on repeat, ruining any enjoyment I may have had that night.
It used to be that I would be able to remove myself from these situations by moving myself to either the adult or vip channels in the server, but over time it came to be that not even there would I be able to separate myself from the label of being a punchline. Frankly, without saying names, it amazes me how proven adults can still act as if they're in elementary school.
After at least three times of either asking or being clear that I do not want to be made a walking punchline, these jokes have yet to stop. With that, I am asking for deletion of my user profile from the wiki.
Thank You.

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