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Status: Busy as I used to know it before the layout change.

Many years ago, back when I was in elementary, I used to write answers to questions on, admittedly breaking the 13+ rule that the site had at the time. I loved answering questions, mostly because I loved sharing what I knew at the time with the rest of the world, even if it was just answering simple things such as "What is 2 + 2" and other questions along the lines of that.

Eventually, however, the site changed their layout and prospects, and I found myself looking elsewhere. A few years down the road, Quora came up as I was doing work on a high school assignment, and I decided to look into it. I began answering questions and saw myself becoming the top writer in topics I enjoyed at the time. As the months went by, I found my writing skills developing more and more, and found lots of enjoyment from it. I peaked when one of my answers became the top upvoted answer on the site, but then began a downhill slide.

Yeah I got banned. Good concept, needs major fixes.

I decided to try doing maintenance work on the site, getting rid of spam accounts advertising fake hacking services that had taken over the topics I liked. Moderation of the site did nothing worthwhile to prevent this from happening and I saw other writers fall off the top writers list in these topics as the bots became more and more prominent. As I reported the accounts, I received a death threat, was doxxed, and had my school called claiming I was trying to hack into their network to change my marks, nearly costing me my final exam marks. I reported the account on each platform that it harassed me on, and of all the sites that happened on, Quora was the only one who did nothing, and banned me in response when I tried making a new account under a pseudonym.

Yes, I thought at one point that this might be real.

Thankfully, that brought me here after I got interested in the site after the Kekcroc hoax and other media that somehow kept landing me in the LMW. I began writing articles for the site in December of 2017, and found my passion in doing so. I've since improved my writing since then (thank goodness), and have made accounts on other related sites such as where I transfer media, Wikipedia where I plan on making and improving articles on individuals who are long gone, and NitrateVille where I plan on working with others on film digitization once I get a film scanner.

I do uploads to the Internet Archive every now and again as well if you want to check those out. Also be sure to check out BlueMaxima's Flashpoint, where I used to contribute regularly before swapping from Windows to Linux.

Current Projects[edit | edit source]

# Project Subject Description
1 Article requests Article Requests has gotten to a point where it's far more than what we should allow it to be, with some requests and deleted articles having been backlogged for years. I am currently working on lowering the amount of requests in the page through publishing articles, so that it can get to an amount where people can see their requests published within a reasonable amount of time, and that the site gets more traffic by providing what people want to see.
2 Needing Work While Article Requests should definitely be put onto the site, they should also be up to the site's standards so that as much information is brought to the reader as possible with proper citations, grammar, content, and more. I plan on working on these articles after my project concerning Article Requests.
3 Back-ups The wiki has had cases where media that had previously been found had gone offline, meaning that the status had been returned to its prior state. In order to prevent these situations from happening again, it's best to have back-ups available. While I have done so previously by backing up media to the Internet Archive, I plan on being more thorough this next time around following the completion of the two above projects.
4 References Among one of the goals of the wiki is to ensure that the information provided within it's articles is as accurate and citable as possible. Sometimes, links provided within the "References" section of articles go offline. My goal is to fix these dead links by either replacing them with their archived equivalent through the WayBack Machine, or by sourcing the information from said links elsewhere. I also plan to go through the wiki and save as many referenced links as possible so that the odds of precious information becoming unavailable lower.

Articles I've Created[edit | edit source]

Articles I've Improved[edit | edit source]

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