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==Fire Emblem Nintendo 3DS remake (lost build of cancelled untitled tactical role-playing game; existence unconfirmed; late 2010s)==
==Untitled Fire Emblem remake (lost build of cancelled Nintendo 3DS tactical role-playing game; existence unconfirmed; late 2010s)==
|title=<center>Fire Emblem Nintendo 3DS remake</center>
|title=<center>Fire Emblem Nintendo 3DS remake</center>

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Untitled Fire Emblem remake (lost build of cancelled Nintendo 3DS tactical role-playing game; existence unconfirmed; late 2010s)[edit | edit source]

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The current English logo of the franchise.

Status: Existence Unconfirmed

Two years after the release of Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, which served as a remake to the original Fire Emblem Gaiden, the unknown alleged fourth 3DS title of the Fire Emblem series was brought up in an episode of Kinda Funny Games Daily. Information about this game is scarce at best, but according to the one that's available, it was supposed to be released in the late 2010's, only to be cancelled sometime later. Said game was also supposed to remake one of the older games in the series, though which game it was supposed to remake is unknown.

Potential candidates of the remake[edit | edit source]

The mysterious title is speculated to be a remake of an older game in the franchise, but there is no mention as to what that game was supposed to be. Firstly, there has been fan speculation that Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War was the potential candidate. On the other hand, however, Shadows of Valentia director Kenta Nakanishi was more interested in doing one base on Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade, mostly due to Roy's popularity, and the game never receiving an international release despite this.[1] Though other old games were also brought up, the aforementioned two games are the most notable remake candidates.

Existence[edit | edit source]

The first time the elusive Fire Emblem game was ever mentioned was in a Halloween 2019 episode of Kinda Funny Games Daily, during a discussion between Greg Miller and ex-Game Informer editor Imran Khan. When they discussed about the game, Khan said that the game was in development at some point, but it was cancelled later. He also brought up that the project would soon be revived for the Nintendo Switch, but nothing new has been brought up about the game since. The exact reason as to why the mysterious Fire Emblem title was shelved is unknown, but poor sales of another Nintendo RPG Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story + Bowser Jr’s Journey, combined with the Nintendo 3DS nearing the end of its life, is what probably led to its cancellation.[2]

In an article on the Fire Emblem fansite Serenes Forest, published a few days after the aforementioned episode, longtime fan VincentASM also mentioned that the game began development around the same time as Fire Emblem: Three Houses.[3]

Since then, no new evidence regarding the existence of the game has resurfaced online, and, till this day, remains a mystery as to whether or not it is real.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

The Halloween 2019 episode of Kinda Funny Games Daily, where the elusive Fire Emblem title was brought up. (Starts at 45:19)

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