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Music today.

Welcome to Chiizo's Edit Dojo, where i live to edit and improve your page to LMW standards (no guarantee for my mistake though and also my time!)

Only work on Weekday (Monday-Friday).

My rules:

  • See Also section must be not have NFSL page on it (if you put on NFSL, it will invisible on other page), expect for media that involves violence, sexuality, and talk show issues (like Robot Wars)
  • See Also section must be alphabetically or numerically, by lexicographically ascending on Notepad++(expect for "Others" section/sub-section that were not on lexicographically ascending because that would be confused too much by part number or year for listing those by francise mixing, for example Friday the 13th)

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Quotes[edit | edit source]

"The failure of DRM in increasing revenue, is a topic we'll explore in more depth in a later video" -Overlord Gaming, being egoist for his promise to destroy gaming industry.