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Fan of game shows. Most of my pages are centered around game shows although occasionally I will delve into other subject matter that interests me:

What I Found[edit | edit source]

Title Of Media What I Found or Discovered
Beat Shazam (unaired Demi Lovato appearance) Found the full 4 minute footage of her appearance from a Canadian airing of the original episode
Name That Tune (Peter Allen pilot) Discovered a Facebook user with the footage and was posted to Facebook
Deal Or No Deal (ABC pilots) Found 59 seconds of one of the pilots
Greed (Fox game show) Found 2 minutes and 28 seconds of the February 18th 2000 episode
Fant4stic (Josh Trank cut) Discovered photos and snippets from trailers of the cut content
Jeopardy! (1964 pilot) Found clips of the pilot from a 2002 episode and a 2005 documentary
VH1 Storytellers: Stone Temple Pilots Discovered a STP fan user on YouTube with the full performance
The $1,000,000 Pyramid (Wii game) Discovered screenshots from an early version of the game
Whew (game show soundtrack) Discovered a remix on SoundCloud with the theme from the soundtrack used and I used a website to remove the vocals so that it is a somewhat complete version of the theme
Fear Factor (MTV Spring Break) Found a fan review that confirms the episode is real and also I found a person who has a DVD copy of the episode
Ace Ventura Pet Detective (Deleted Scenes) Found the script for the movie with the deleted scenes listed
Rob Ford's Crack Smoking Videos Found never before seen screenshots from the third unreleased video
Sale Of The Century (1969-73) Found two episodes in audio form.
Noel Gallagher's Amorphous Androgynous sessions Found concrete proof that Noel found a copy of the album.

Media I'm Looking For[edit | edit source]

Piece Of Media Why I want to find it What I've found
Deal Or No Deal (ABC pilots) I want these found because I wanna see how bad they are before the show that we all know and love aired on NBC the next year. I found 59 seconds of one of the pilots from a production company website (which i forgot the name of) on the wayback machine.
Fear Factor (MTV Spring Break episode) I read online that this is the worst episode of the original Fear Factor and I'm a fan of Fear Factor and want to see how they screwed up the execution. I found a fan review of the episode from a defunct fansite from when the show was in it's second season and was not convinced that the episode was real because the article was a source but was surprised that (by the discovery of the review and the fact I found a person with a DVD copy of the actual episode) was real all along
Sale Of The Century (original version that aired on NBC from 1969 to 1973) I'm a fan of game shows and Sale of the Century is of my all time favorites and this looks like a version from a alternate timeline. I'm so interested in finding this because it's the first game show I know of that combines a standard quiz show with shopping for your prizes. I found several press photos from the show and a few ads for the show and i'm looking for any footage from the show whether it's promos or clips. I also found a website that has 2 audio recordings of 2 episodes. I purchased one and in possession of one and just purchased the other one. Once I get the other one, I will make them available to the public because there is no way i'm buying them just to keep to myself. Since the second episode is taking a long time to arrive, i'm releasing the audio for the October 21 episode today (November 14, 2020).
Stone Temple Pilots: Live at Rolling Rock 2001 I am a fan of the band and when I looked online for any other information on the set and the festival in general and i was surprised when i found a page on the Lost Media Wiki on this and that there were any missing songs at all. Since I found out about the missing songs from the set, I want the entire set found because of not only being a fan of Stone Temple Pilots, but because in the set that is online, Scott only has the megaphone out for one song (Dead and Bloated is the other song he uses a megaphone for) and the cut songs are some of my favorite STP songs. I found f**k all, but I do visit a website called which has photos taken by audience members at the show and some photos could be from the missing songs but i can't tell because the photos look like to be from the songs that are from the set that made it online. I discovered a YouTube channel with fan recordings of two of the three missing songs and found a website that may have the entire performance.
Shop 'Til You Drop (mobile game) This show is another one of my favorite game shows and is a rare occasion where very little merchandise is made and the mobile game is the only merchandise based on the show that was released and I want it found just for the fun of the game. I found f**k all from the games files but I did find screenshots of the game in action in the wayback machine.