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This article has been tagged as NSFW due to its Pornographic Subject Matter.

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Status: Lost

Em is a Canadian YouTuber from Nova Scotia, who currently has 54 Subscribers. He is a YouTuber who specializes in Lost Media Videos and Nostalgic Subject Matter. Outside of YouTube, he is a cartoonist working on his upcoming cartoon franchise, Citizens of Em Street. He is also, more notably, a Rule 34 Artist who posts his artwork to Paheal and Furaffinity.

Even though both Channels are currently up, Em has unlisted, privated, and deleted many of his old videos that either contain personal information about him, or that he thinks are below his quality standards. He also does the same thing on his Furaffinity Account.

Em’s Old Account

Em’s first Account uploaded its first video on September 26th 2016. The channel’s focus was Doll Videos for kids. His Fourth Doll Video was Unlisted because it showed his face in the end. Em unlisted Every video showing his face, in order to keep his anonymity. And changed the name of the channel to “This Channel is Inactive.” A Year after he stopped uploading, a new video was uploaded titled “Carrie’s Slime Video,” which was made by Em’s Younger Sister, whom he shares the channel with.

Em’s New Account

In 2018 Em uploaded an Animation titled “Emily the Rabbit vs The CTW.” It was a Slideshow, not an animation, and it featured Em’s Now-Retired Character Emily the Rabbit. When Emily the Rabbit was replaced with Josy the Rabbit (who would later be replaced with Javier Monotonious), and Em thought the video was crap, he deleted it. The Animation revolved around Emily the Rabbit demanding the Children’s Television Workshop make Bert and Ernie get married. Until Ernie appears, and says that he is actually in love with his Rubber Duckie.

Em also has a series titled “The Sotnem Recordings,” in which Em goes on pornographic cartoon websites (like 8muses or PalComix), and reads parody comics of cartoon characters, whether or not he likes them. He has currently made 5, but only 3 have been uploaded. Part 1 (Randall’s Revenge on Mentos), Part 2 (Simon is taken my Memesauce), and Part 4 (Mrs. Fiona Chupa-Chups). All of them have been deleted, Parts 1 and 4 were deleted by Em. While Part 2 was deleted by YouTube for having uncensored Nudity. Em has copies of Parts 1-3 and 5 but won’t release them on another site due to the first one being over one hour long (one of his few videos to reach that goal).


All of Em’s Lost Videos are considered permanently Lost, as once Em uploads his videos, he almost never has back-up copies. Even if he did, they wouldn’t be uploaded either due to length, or content that violates YouTubes Terms of Service.


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