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Clink! Clank!

Inspired by Paul McCartney's Pen and Paper, this is a place where I (and I alone, hopefully) work on upcoming articles, possible templates for you all to use to help in your searches for Lost Media, and other stuff! To give your feedback, be sure to visit my (Gorillaz27) talk page and leave it there.

Please don't edit this, unless you are correcting my grammar/spelling (that's ok!). Thank you!

Letter to Source

To Whom it May Concern,(If it is a company)


Dear Mr./Mrs. (Lastname),(If it is a specific person)

Greetings. I am a representative from a website devoted to lost media. We here at the Lost Media Wiki are dedicated to preserving various types of media, and one of the works you represent has been brought to our attention. (Various Information about specific work is listed here, don't link the article). Through research, we have identified you as [(the creator/the distributor/a contributor to the work/one responsible for the work's whereabouts) <-- Choose the one which applies to your source]. We wish to be able to preserve (work) on the internet so that it may be accessible to all. In order for this to happen, we need to be able to locate said work. For this, we would like to ask you to help us in anyway possible. Be it finding the media itself, or any information you have, anything would help. Thank you for your willingness to take the time out of your day to help us out. We eagerly await your response.

Thanks in Advance,

The Lost Media Wiki

PS: If you are not affiliated with the parties mentioned above and have reason to believe we have mistakenly contacted you, do not hesitate to contact us at: (Email address to be provided at a later date)


  • Be formal when writing a letter (basic formal writing lessons should automatically kick in here, but you never know...)
  • When in doubt about the quality of a letter, don't be afraid to consult a peer!
  • NEVER THREATEN A SOURCE. Use common sense: Making threats to anyone significantly reduces the chance of their responding. Not only that, but it also 1. Damages the reputation of the LMW, and 2. Is a crime!