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Gorillaz27 (aka Tripson)

Status: Crankin' that Soulja Boy

A new update, huh? I like it. The theme, the new templates, heck, even the new comments!

Wait. I have to remake my user page? Fine.

Rebooting...[edit | edit source]

Reboot Complete! Carry on, now!

Damn Son, Where'd Ya Find This?[edit | edit source]

I blindly stumbled upon this beautiful site in, let's say, about April of 2015, shortly after the big move. I had been browsing TV Tropes, learning about the Sesame Street knockoff known as Peppermint Park. I immediately began looking for more information about it. Aside from a Wikipedia page, there wasn't really much information about it. Then I clicked on this article, and I was instantly hooked to the amazing world of lost media. Now I mostly just browse around the forums and wiki, editing articles when I think they need a little something.

Hi, My Name is (Who?)[edit | edit source]

I guess now would be a good time to tell you a little about myself. Though I won't get too personal, I will say that I live somewhere in the Midwestern United States. Like nearly 90% of the people who browse the LMW, I am currently a student, slowly waiting for the school year to end. I'm also an avid reader, writer, and music fan.

Here, Have This[edit | edit source]

Before you go, here's some stuff you should check out.

Music-wise[edit | edit source]

GORILLAZ[edit | edit source]

As my unfortunately outdated username suggests, I am a fan of Gorillaz. Their music ranges many genres, from rap to rock to just about everything else.

2001's Clint Eastwood.
2005's Feel Good Inc.
One of their hidden gems, We Are Happy Landfill, from 2007.

Public Enemy[edit | edit source]

Some of the best old school rap from the 80s came from this group. Comprised of Chuck D, Flavor Flav, Terminator X, and Professor Griff, their use of samples and willingness to tackle touchy issues (i.e. racism) made them one of the best rap groups of all time.

1988's Night of the Living Baseheads
Also from '88, Don't Believe the Hype
One of the most iconic protest songs of all time, 1990's Fight the Power

Filthy Frank/Pink Guy/Joji[edit | edit source]

Though George Miller, the creator of the Filthy Frank omniverse, has decided to move on from his shock comedy masterpiece (and as a result, Pink Guy), the music he's made as Joji, however, is pretty good. That's not to say his work as Pink Guy wasn't good though. His classic IDGAF attitude made his music have a certain edginess to it. Ravioli, ravioli, have some Pink Guy-ioli.

HELP: a song that masks it's sadness in a catchy ukulele riff.
SHE'S SO NICE: It's insane to listen to, hearing it switch from chaotic to calm multiple times
(TRIGGER WARNING: DISTURBING IMAGERY) Will He: Think of it as a sort of requiem for Pink Guy

Graphic Literature (aka Comic Books)[edit | edit source]

Hip-Hop Family Tree[edit | edit source]

Ed Piskor's Ben-Day Dot-infused artwork combined with a historically accurate telling of hip-hop's history makes a great gift for any rap buff.

Example from HHFT Volume 1.

Paper Girls[edit | edit source]

Think of it as Stranger Things but with girls, and instead of interdimensional travel, it's time travel. Or better yet, don't and just read the comic.

Example from Paper Girls 1

Th-th-th-That's All Folks![edit | edit source]

Well, that about wraps it up for me. Be sure to come back in 4-6 months, so you can see how my tastes have either improved or declined drastically.

See Ya 'Round, Folks!

Tripson aka Gorillaz27