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I am incapable of socializing before, during, and after quarantine.

Articles I Wrote

  • Updating this list every 10 articles I make.
  • Trying to make 1-2 articles every week for 2023.
# Article Status Notes Date Created
1 Kick-Off 2002 (partially found Korean-Japanese sports anime series; 2002) Partially Found First article! October 14, 2022
2 Young Alive! iPS Cells for a New Future (partially found educational anime film; 2010) Partially Found (Japanese Dub)
Existence Unconfirmed
(English Dub)
October 16, 2022
3 Personna Double II (lost commercial for razor and blades company featuring Stan Lee; 1976) Lost Saw it in the article request, why not make a page for it? October 22, 2022
4 Only You Viva! Cabaret Club (partially found late-night anime TV series; 1998) Partially Found November 01, 2022
5 StarStorm (partially found pilot of cancelled live-action adaptation of "Saint Seiya" anime series; 1994-1999) Partially Found For the Saint Seiya fans, it's bound to happen that someone's gonna make an article on this. November 05, 2022
6 ‎Mr. Smith (partially found NBC sitcom; 1983) Partially Found Thanks to LMW User Shoelost for making this page a lot better! :)) November 24, 2022
7 Serious (partially found unreleased Gwen Stefani music video; mid-2000s) Partially Found January 02, 2023
8 Kagirinaki Rakuen (partially found Hiroshi Harada anime film; 1981) Partially Found January 06, 2023
9 ‎Soul Quest Overdrive (lost unaired episodes of Adult Swim animated series; 2011) Lost January 13, 2023
10 ‎MAZE☆Bakunetsu Jikuu: Tenpen Kyoui no Giant (partially found limited-time anime film; 1998)
Partially Found Really surprised that no one made a page on this since this is exactly what happened to the Phantom Blood anime. January 14, 2023
11 Small Shots (partially found TNN reality show; 2001-2003) Partially Found Obsucre TNN show with little to no info online. Sounds really fun too. January 20, 2023
12 ‎Tatakae! Osper (partially found anime series based on manga; 1965-1967) Partially Found Been wanting to make lost anime from the 60s in a while, this is a good start. January 22, 2023
13 ‎Gods Behaving Badly (partially found unreleased film based on satirical novel; 2013) Partially Found January 24, 2023
14 Traxion (lost build of cancelled PlayStation Portable rhythm game; 2006-2007) Lost First video game article! January 31, 2023
15 ‎The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (lost build of cancelled Playstation adventure game based on Japanese novel; 1998) Lost I immediately knew I wanted to make a page on this after seeing the Unseen64 article. It's completely unrelated to Hosoda's film...but still. February 08, 2023
16 ‎Harold & Kumar: The Animated Series (partially found Adult Swim pilot of cancelled animated adaptation of film trilogy; 2011-2014)
Partially Found Saw the @LostMediaBusters tweet on it, made a page immediately cause its interesting. February 10, 2023
17 Gore (lost unreleased Gore Vidal biopic starring Kevin Spacey; 2017)
Lost February 15, 2023
18 Shin Megami Tensei Devil Children: Light & Dark (partially lost anime series based on role-playing game series; 2002-2003) Partially Lost February 19, 2023
19 ‎0-sen Hayato (partially found anime series; 1964) Partially Found (Episodes 1-39)
Existence Unconfirmed
(Episode 40)
Will make more P Productions anime article since 4 out of 5 of the animes they made lacked preservation and is lost to time. March 02, 2023
20 ‎‎Warrior Of Love Rainbowman (partially found mecha anime series based on tokusatsu; 1982-1983) Partially Found March 09, 2023
21 A New Kind of Family (partially found ABC sitcom; 1979-1980) Partially Found An article I created the past week before this got deleted, which I totally understand with its subject matter, so it may have looked like I skipped a week ;-;, but it's alright :)) March 24, 2023

I mostly make lost anime articles...and I am sorry ;-;. Although I do intend to make lost media articles of other things that piqued my interest or cool!

If I'm not making an article though, you can probably see me on the "Recent Changes" tab a lot... and also I've helped and improved a lot of articles... so that's cool, and time-wasting but eh :/ It's for the better.

Stuff That I Found

  • Golden Kids (Partially Found) ~ Found the August 16th, 2016 edition of NHK's World Imagine-nation interview for the creators for Golden Kids.
    (although it got privated LMAOOOO... but tbh it's on nyaa and I haven't torrented it cause I don't know how, I asked someone but :/, original video was from AerographicWings, torrent from anonymous.)
  • "The Works" P.S.A. (Found) ~ Found a presumed initial test/different version for the P.S.A. on the animator's reel.
  • Brad and Gary (Lost) ~ Found an incomplete render for the short; unsure if it was made into the final cut of the short.