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Hey! Welcome to my page! Not exactly sure why you are here.. I don't that much interesting stuff here, don't I? Well, I am interested in lost media, and I am a huge fan of BlameItOnJorge. I also make art. A lot of art. You will mainly catch em on discord servers im in (not gonna promote them since I don't think it really makes sense) and my twitter account.

Discord Tag: Jet-Ster#2089

Twitter: @OneTwittee

Forums profile:

My dumbass didnt realize that i should put the talk page link here lol

Edits[edit | edit source]

Now here's some sexy edits I've made. Will be updated as I make new ones.

Edits Description Date Edited
Yeah Yeah Beebiss 1 Grammar of the Inside Joke section bothered me, so I changed it to make it more simple. This very much may just be a me thing tho.. March 16, 2021
South Park GBC Added the reason why Trey Parker and Matt Stone didn't want the game to be released. January 28, 2021
Requiem for a Heavyweight Removed the comment in the infobox (really hope I didn't fuck up there..) and added BBC's bad treatment of tapes in the 1950's. (Currently featured!) March 26, 2021
The Tale Of the Priest and of His Workman Balda Put the video from the external link in it's own section. March 26, 2021
One Thousand And One Nights Changed the status text from orange to green March 26, 2021
Domino's App feat Hatsune Miku Remember Yeah Yeah Beebiss I? Second verse, same as the first. March 26, 2021
Five Night's At Freddy's trailer Fixed some spelling errors, and added formatting. April 14, 2021
Zwerg Nase Fixed most of the very confusing grammar. Tried to fix the quote, but I swear I got a headache trying to read it. April 29, 2021
Postcards from Buster: "Sugartime! Hinesburg, Vermont" Removed a sentence that was accidently repeated from a few sentences earlier. April 30, 2021
Dark Shadows Added content and information, added references, and renamed "sources" to "external links". May 25, 2021

Pages[edit | edit source]

Now here's some cool as heck pages I've made. Will be updated as I make new ones.

New Pages Description Date Created
Wormholes Made the page about Stephen Hillenburg's thesis, since there was an article on the original Lost Media Archive page, but wasn't one here yet. (First ever page!) April 7, 2021
America's Next Muppet Made this page since I saw it in an article request. Show seems very interesting honestly, wish it came out. April 14, 2021
Back and In Attack Another article request, except i dont care about Milli Vanilli at all. Despite this, I've heard about these guys so much, I thought "eh, might as well". April 16, 2021
Return Of Donkey Kong I've wanted to make an Existence Unconfirmed article for a while now, and i saw this in the requests, so I decided this would be a good one to start with. April 17, 2021
Salomy Jane Semi - Article Request. Someone put the remake of this film of the same name from 1923 here. I got confused and started doing an article for the original. When i realized there was a remake i was too far in. April 28, 2021
LMNO I've seen this game before. I don't remember, but i swear I have seen a video discussing how lost this game was. Apparently there was a documentary released about it too. Surprised there hasn't been an article about it yet... June 11, 2021
The Cops I enjoy Louis C.K., though I've only seen in on SNL (Saturday Night Live) when he hosted 4 times. Shame he was a bad guy. June 12, 2021