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Cover of the original NES version.

Status: Existence unconfirmed

Action 52 is an unlicensed is a cartrige released for Nes and Genesys in 1991 containing a compilation of 52 original games by Active Enterprises. Mostly notorious by the infamy of not having a single bearable playable game in a catalog of 52 ( 50 if counting only the playable games). Despite being sold by 200,00 U$, it mostly of it's games were pragued by bottom graphics, less content than a regular Atari 2600 game, deceptive/contradictory titles, stiffy unresponsive playability and control, incoherent difficulty (from games that you can't win to games you can't lose), severely glitched with some games like their Star mascot Shitahmen couldn't pass the second level out of the 6 that are only reveled in codes, which Active Enterprises had big plans to make a franchise with toys, comic books, Saturday morning cartoons, movies. Active Enterprises made a sequel which was left unfinished and unreleased but found in warehouses.


Despite its terrible quality, it is highly valued towards game collectors for it's rarity. There have also been several attempts to remake polished versions of the games that never came to fruition. In what is also lost made Active Enterprises itself, a bootleg console that could allegedly play cartridges and disks of all ports from the generation of consoles at the time and a version for the build of a Snes port.