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Metal Gear is an stealth action released by Japanese game developer Konami for the MSX series of computers in 1987. The game was well received and was responsible for spawning one of gaming's biggest franchises. In 2014, a fan-made remake of the game by independent game developer Ian Ratcliffe and his team "Outer Heaven" was in development and was even given approval by Konami. However, months later Konami ordered the development team behind the remake to put it on hold indefinitely which lead to the game's cancellation.[1]

Development history[edit | edit source]

The game's existence was originally revealed via it's Mod DB page and an presentation trailer with early alpha footage on Ian Ratcliffe's YouTube channel[2] where it received a lot of attention from Konami who had allowed the game to continue development as long if no profit was made from it's release.[3]

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