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In French class during freshman year of high school, I stumbled upon a Chadtronic video, titled The Mystery Of Pokemon Live. After watching that, I quickly developed a passion for lost media. A quick Google search (unfortunately) linked to the Lost Media Archive article of the topic.

Lost Media Archive

Eager to get started, I made an account of the Lost Media Archive a week later on November 26, 2016. A series of quick edits to the Pokémon Live! article was made. Over time I realized that the articles and edits being done by other users were disorganized and terrible.

Lost Media Wiki

I joined the Lost Media Wiki on January 1, 2017 and instantly fell in love. Most articles are top notch, the moderators and admins actually perform their jobs well, the homepage simply looks gorgeous, but most of all the community is really welcoming to new users.

Articles Created