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Hey, I'm Paroos or Paris. I do stuff sometimes on this wiki. I like lost media and enjoy shows that were around before I was born. I am an aspiring cartoonist and the creator of The Pinwheel Archive [1], a channel created to archive all the existing footage we can find of Pinwheel (Partially Found Nickelodeon puppet series; 1977-1990).

What got me into lost media was The Mr. Potato Head Show. It was a show I found 12 of the 13 episodes of, and it was a show that was hard to find episodes of. It was something that introduced me to searching for media. After that point on, I started contributing to the wiki more and more, stuff like writing articles and leading searches.

Why did I take the time to be so narcissistic as to make a user wiki? I don't know.

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Not gay, sorry.