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Hi everyone, I'm Rivette! I recently made an account after lurking for a year, and I'm pleased to meet everyone on here.

I started to get into lost media after reading some of the articles on here. My favorite articles include Godard's "Une femme coquette" and Herzog's "Game in the Sand," which I hope to see someday.

I've started working on some private searching myself, and as soon as I can, I'll report my findings to everyone. Needless to say, there's some exciting stuff on the horizon.

I'm also working to bring up the quality of some of the pages on the Wiki. I'm good at proofreading and web design, so I'll be going through many of the old Wikia pages and short pages and adding some zest to them, so long as nobody is constantly working against me. (This is directly in response to a quote dycaite put up in the chat about the quality being low -- let's try to fix that.)

I look forward to it all. Au revoir.