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Idiot turtle tries to find stuff nobody cares about and writes bad articles sometimes.

Status: Y o u c a n n o t g e t r i d o f m e

Hello, I'm scifirenegade, a 20-something year old Portuguese dude who who likes tv shows and movies and games and I'm definetely not basic.

I have strong feelings regarding this place, but hey I like getting shit found.

My forums profile

What I'm searching for (or that I'm interested in searching for)[edit | edit source]

>Doctor Who episodes

>Other Suncoast Digest clips

>Rolypolys 2

>Rimini Riddle


>Compu Movie

>Intimate Relations (1953)

>Him (gay cheesus porno)

What I found[edit | edit source]

>Aasi Morso ja Mouru

Articles I have written[edit | edit source]