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YouTube (Archivals)

Vimeo (Archivals that can't go on YouTube



Articles I may make (but anyone can do if they want)[edit | edit source]

Lost[edit | edit source]

Monsters, Inc. 2 Circle 7 script

GoldenEye 007 HD 'XBLA Port

Vectorman 3

Doctor Who Radio Play Peter Cushing Pilot

Doctor Who Dimensions in Time Dalek Sequence

Threshold Animation Commercials

Great International Toon-In Bumpers

Existence unconfirmed[edit | edit source]

Audio Recording of David Banks as the Doctor (The Ultimate Adventure)

Doctor Who Peter Cushing Milk Board Advert

The Cramp Twins "Pirate Arr/Goodbye to Wayne and Lucien"

The Raccoons Creators' Porn of the Characters

Nestle Choc Idol "Glass Broken" ad

Gamestation Fat Chris Football Advert

Unsure if lost[edit | edit source]

Any other potentially missing Aardman adverts

Any storyboards and sketches of Aardman's they lost in the fire that weren't already preserved

Other lost Circle 7 work

Australian TV Burp

Nick Bertke/Pogo's Various Removed Work (at least two livestreams and Disney work)

My Articles[edit | edit source]

The Incredibles McDonald's Happy Meal Commercial (lost full version of ad; 2004) NEW

Pixar's Made in Point Richmond DVD Rarities (lost various Pixar footage; 1986-2000)

Aardman's various ads (lost stop-motion animated commercials; 1992-2010?)

Academy Awards Best Animated Feature Character Reactions (Unused 2002 & 2007 Various Character Animation)

Blowin' in the Wind (Unsurfaced Pixar Animated Short Film; 1985)

Jessie Patsy Montana Entertainer Award Acceptance Speech (Lost 2000 Toy Story Character Animation)

The Incredibles "First In Line" Spots (Lost 2004 Internet Trailers)

'What Ever Happened to Moxy?' (Lost Web Comic; 2000)

RebelTaxi (lost videos of online reviewer; late 2000s-2010s)

'Columbia College Student Film', 'Muffy Meets the Mafia' and 'Changes' (lost and incomplete Genndy Tartakovsky student films; 1991-1994)

VBirds: Perfect (Lost Mini-Series; 2003)

Toon News (2004/2005(?) CGI Interstitial Toon Disney Series)

Lurpak Commercials (Full Versions of British 1990's Adverts)

KaBlam! "KaFun!" (Found Episode of Animated Series; 1999) [FOUND 08 Dec '15]

Metal Slug, Metal Slug 2, Metal Slug X & Metal Slug 3 (Cancelled 2005 Game Boy Advance Ports)

Pib & Pog original college animation (lost animated short; early 1990s)

Japanese Television Interview of Mr. Bean (1999)

Various Aardman Cuprinol Commercials (1988-1997?) [FOUND 07 Sep '15]

Just For Kicks (2006 TEENick Series) [FOUND 03 May '16]

Edward and Friends "A Trust to Nature" & Original English Dubs (1987-1988 Missing Episode & Audio)

A Question of Comedy (Unaired 2007 Comic Relief "A Question of Sport" Segment)

The IT Crowd American Adaptation (Unused 2007 Scripts)

Whatever Happened to... Robot Jones? (Rare/Unreleased Original Voice Audio and Unfinished/Unknown Episodes)

Fireworks Safety - Parents (Missing 1976 PIF) [FOUND (unless it's the shorter version) 15 Aug '14]

JBVO & Viva Las Bravo (Missing 2000-2001 and 2005-2006 Block Interstitials)

Cadbury Land ads (partially found series of animated commercials; 1998-2001)

Little Muppet Monsters (partially found series; 1985)

KaBlam! 'The Henry and June Show' spinoff pilot (found episode; 2000) [FOUND 26 Mar '15]

KaBlam! "Just Chillin" (Found Episode of Animated Series; 2000) [FOUND 16 Apr '16]

101 Dalmatians: The Series unaired pilot (lost episode of Disney animated series; 1996)

KaBlam! "An Off-Beats Valentine's" spinoff special (found episode; 1998) [FOUND 28 Feb '14]

Disney's One Too 'Recess' gags (lost series of animated shorts; 1999-2003)

Ned's Declassified High School Survival Guide unreleased pilot (lost episode; 2008)

Game Grumps unreleased videos (lost internet media; 2012-2013)

King Koopa's Kool Kartoons (partially found live action Super Mario spinoff series; 1989-1990)

Yo! It's the Chester Cheetah Show (partially found cancelled animated series; 1986-1992)

Bottom Live – The Stage Show cut content (lost scenes; 1993)

Bottom series four unused scripts (lost writings; 1990s)

Croc 3: Stone of the Gobbos (lost unfinished game; 2005) [FAKE?]

PIXAR's early ads (lost commercials; 1989-1998)

Red Hot Riding Hood cut content (lost scenes; 1943)

After Hours "Why Mario is Secretly a Douchebag" cut content (lost original version of internet animation; 2012)

Monster Safari (lost animated film; 2009)

Wallace and Gromit Sumitomo Life ad (lost animated Japanese commercial; 1990s)

Mess O' Blues (lost prototype Johnny Bravo short; 1993)

The Moxy Show aka 'The Moxy Pirate Show' and 'The Moxy & Flea Show' (lost episodes; 1993-2000)

Animaniacs - "Minerva Mink" (unproduced animated shorts; early 1990s) [FAKE]

Bunyan & Babe (found CGI animated film; 2017) [FOUND Jan '17]

Ed, Edd n Eddy "Luck Be an Ed Tonight/A Room with an Ed" (rumored/lost unfinished episode; existence unconfirmed; 2005)

Ed, Edd n Eddy "Special Ed" (Lost Production Material of Unproduced Episode; Existence Unconfirmed; Late 1990s/Early 2000s)

Totally Twisted Fairy Tales 'Three Little Pigs' and 'Jack in the Beanstalk' (lost animated shorts; 1997) (Originally two articles)

Freaky Flickers: Quest for the Golden Flicker (lost independent animated CGI film; 2009)

Recess 'The Break In' (lost pilot episode; 1996)

Bottom cut content (lost scenes; 1991-1995)

Foodfight! original version (lost stolen unfinished animation; 2002)