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==Articles I'm Making==
==Articles I'm Making==
Dragon Land (lost footage of unaired reality show; 2012) Not Anymore.
Dragon Land (lost footage of unaired reality show; 2012) Not Anymore.
==The End==
Well, it had to happen one of these days, I've been a part of the Lost Media Wiki for over 4 years (since 2015) and I've seen a lot and I've found a lot. Unfortunately, I lack the motivation to edit articles, make articles, go to the website, and be active on the discord anymore. So after some thinking, I've decided that after a long time of service I'm gonna be leaving this community. One of these days I will come back to the community but for now, I just feel unmotivated to be active on here anymore. Before I go I just want to give a big thank you to everyone in this community and the people I have met here, you were all amazing and such great people. With that said it's time I get to say. Goodbye -Teddykledbold (Takagi-san on discord).
PS Ryanskip you a stinky head lol
==Forum Ban 32 weeks==
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I'm just some guy that likes to contribute to the Lost Media Wiki by finding stuff. My favorite categories are lost literature, lost internet media, and lost audio.

Stuff I Found

  • Trickle Dickle Down (found Ralph Bakshi political short; 2012) A user named It'salicecooper posted a link to a web archive which had the short which I was able to upload onto my channel.
  • Cinematic Excrement: "Super Mario Bros.: The Great Mission to Rescue Princess Peach!" (found episode of Internet review series; 2014) I found this in under 24 hours from a wayback machine link which led me to upload it to my channel, but now the article is deleted so I can't post a link.
  • VeggieTales Radio Discs (partially lost radio interview discs; late 1990s-2000s) I got one of the CDs which was the Christmas 1999 Radio Disc and uploaded it to MEGA and I shared it onto Twitter which led to another guy named 9babyeinstein uploading 2 more Radio Disc CDs.
  • In the Mind of the Damned (found horror film; 2013) I found this film by asking Dake Lisak for a copy and I ended up receiving it and putting it on google drive, the film was okay but I felt that the ending was cliched with the person being dead all along but it's still a decent movie.
  • Weebl and Bob (found exclusive episodes of web series; early 2000s) I found this by buying the "Wobbl and Bob" DVD which claimed to have the episodes so I found the DVD on Ebay and I bought it and then BOOM! The episodes were on there and I uploaded to my 2nd channel.

Articles I Fixed

Articles I Made

Articles I'm Making

Dragon Land (lost footage of unaired reality show; 2012) Not Anymore.